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Cree Rider Family Band performing their song Straight F […]

Video podcast:LO-FI SAINT LOUIS
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Description: Video Podcast Music Videos and Culture from River City (AKA St. Louis) USA! Worlds first Music Video Podcast, featuring videos of live performances, music videos, interviews and cultural oddities from St. Louis MO.
Tags: music videocast vlog blog vcast vidcast vodcast rock n roll punk garagepunk garage primitive rocknroll garagerock surf r rockabilly broken rhythm blu


Al Holliday and the East Side Rhythm Band – “L
Cree Rider Family Band – “Straight From the Bo
Kentucky Knife Fight – “Father”
Popular Mechanics – “Slip Away”
The Hooten Hallers – “Hard to Trust Your Baby
Javier Mendoza – “Cinco Más”
Née – “Heavy Boats”
The Yowl – “Money, Power, War”
Bruiser Queen – “Tiny Heart Attack”
There’s a St. Louis connection in the new Jack W
Middle Class Fashion – “Golden Rose”
Sheila Shahpari – “Ode (to a President)”
Ellen the Felon-”Won’t Give Up On You”
Lo Fi Cherokee 2014 Trailer
Old Lights
The Vultures performing at the Wayout Club, St. Lo
The Safes performing live at Lemmons, St. Louis 20
The Safes performing at Frederick’s Music Lounge
Thee Fine Lines performing at Lemmons, St. Louis 2
The Geargrinders performing live at Off Broadway,
The Electric performing live at The Wayout Club 20
The Cripplers “Trash” music video
Rock’n’Roll Boxing party by Big Muddy Records
Bob Reuter photographer profile
Phonocaptors music video
Phonocaptors music video Queen Bee
Nice & Mean art Show in a dead mall with Peat
The Patsy’s performing at Frederick’s Music Lo
The Patsy’s performing at Frederick’s Music Lo
MOTO performing at Lemmons, St. Louis 2005
Tom Huck, Evil Prints
The Litigators performing at the Hi-Pointe, St. Lo
Johnny O and the Jerks performing at Lemmons 2005
Got the Blues For Christmas, music video for the H
The Gore Gore Girls performing at the Wayout Club,
The Cripplers performing at the Hi-Pointe in St. L
The Gentleman Callers performing at the Gearbox, i
Boss Martians performing at the Gearbox St. Louis
Long John Thomas and the Duffs performing at Fredr
Casey Ried performing at Lemmons in St. Louis 2005

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