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From the IBEW Attention All Visual Effects Practitioners in Southern California: IBEW Local 40 will be holding its’ 3rd  Informational Meeting for those working in the Visual Effects portion of the... [Summary only. Full text at site.]

Video podcast:Effects Corner
Website: effectscorner.blogspot....
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Description: Insights to Visual Effects for Motion Pictures and Television. How it's done in Hollywood and how you can do it yourself.
Tags: visual effects corner vfx film movies video special computer graphics cg


VFX and Animation school and work exploitation
Underbidding Visual Effects
Film Subsidy Bubbles
The Impact of Visual Effects Subsidies
Sad state of the Visual Effects Industry
Survey Comments
Visual Effects Working Conditions Survey
Visual Effects Guilds
What’s the solution?
Visual Effects Professionals United
VFX World Wide Pi Talk
Pi Day
We are artists
The Miracle of Visual Effects, will it continue?
VES Board Member thoughts
Visual effects are inexpensive
Risk and subsidies
Oh, the mess we’re in!
Bad Visual Effects Business Practices
DD cutting wages, VFX Union update
Visual Effects Innovation
What to do when you're laid off
Visual Effects Positions
Visual Effects Tax Incentives / Subsidies
Visual Effects Trade Association
Why do visual effects costs so much?
The Value of Visual Effects
Getting a Visual Effects job
Visual Effects Tips 2
Visual Effects Tips 1
What happened?
Melies quote of artists and businessmen
Beyond 24fps
Visual Effects Union, take 2
Digital Domain plans to have paying students make
VES feedback
Acting and Animation
VES and VFX trade organization
Dream Quest
Visual Effects Union - IA efforts one year later
People, not computers, create visual effects
Rotoscoping - The Basics
VES Board of Directors
VES Visual Effects Bill of Rights – Now what?
Letter to Animation Guild
VFX Wages Discussion
VES 2.0 feedback requested
2D to 3D Conversions
VES Handbook now in eBook formats
The Artistry of VFX
Working directly for the studios
Using the nail
Pass me a nail
VFX Business Models
VFX Union Chat
Overtime and misc
Global VFX Workers - next step
VFX Deal Memo
VFX Interactions
Canada's IATSE local 891 VFX survey
VES handbook thoughts?
Unions, VFX working hours and environments
Union update
Global VFX Workers
What makes a good visual effects artist?
IATSE VFX has public meeting March 13 in Burbank
How do these things tie together?
Unions, the Middle class and visual effects
VES Handbook for Kindle - Back soon
US Health Care
IA VFX Union note
IBEW VFX Union meeting
Film incentives
VFX Union - What Next?
IA Visual Effects Union Announcement
VES Handbook up for a Prose award
Reminder - VFX Union meeting Nov 7
VFX Union IA update
VES Handbook of Visual Effects now available in Ki
VFX union. IBEW Meeting
VFX Union Info Meeting tonight
Tom Cruise and VFX
Rotoscoping hair
VES business for film and VFX artists event
VES Annual Meeting
Price of VFX Education
Unions and freelancing issues
VFX artists don't need to be taken advantage of
Wages In The VFX, Animation, And Games Industry
Vfx helps U.K. post-production stay afloat
Incentive and film program updates
Sad but true..
Ray Harryhausen and Chuck Jones exhibitions closin
Could unionization save vfx facilities?
Escape Studios competition extended
VES Handbook Released
Globalization and VFX
VES Handbook of Visual Effects

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