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In episode 56.3, Andy and Sean show off various gadgets and interviews from Viewsonic, Griffin, Linksys, EPOS, and Australian Simulation Control Systems.

Video podcast:Lab Rats
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Description: Lab Rats is a wacky weekly vidcast that teaches advanced tips about technology you already own. Hosts Andy Walker, Sean Carruthers and producer Matt Harris (all of Call for Help fame) show you the latest
technology tips and tricks using snacks, cats and a little mayhem thrown in for good measure.


Episode 209: Get up to speed with USB 3.0
Episode 208: Is the iPad worth the wait?
Episode 207: What's new with Intel?
Episode 206: Robots at CES 2010
Episode 205: Weirdest of CES 2010
Episode 204: Best of CES 2010
Episode 203: Pre-CES 2010 check-in
Episode 202: Beating WiFi Deadzones
Episode 201: TV Cables Explained
Episode 200: Two Hundredth Episode (Recession-Adju
Episode 199: Lab Rats Holiday Gift Guide 2009
Episode 198: e-Ink Explained
Episode 197: Lab Rat App-O-Rama
Episode 196: A Mouse in the House
Episode 195: Save those Electrons: Power Saving Ti
Episode 194: Robot Invasion!
Episode 193: Six little-known things about Windows
Episode 192: Six Cool Things about Windows 7
Episode 191: Get printing! Choosing the right prin
Episode 190: Will the new Nano kill the Flip?
Episode 189: Which video camera is for you?
Episode 188: Smartphone Showdown!
Episode 187: What's new in Snow Leopard?
Episode 186: Mailbag #8
Episode 185: Router Maintenance 101
Episode 184: Fitness 2.0
Episode 183: The ABC of Digital TV
Episode 182: Analyze This! Google Analytics Explai
Episode 181: iPhone Evolution
Episode 180: Outlook begone! Merge your email acco
Episode 179: Put That Cell Phone Down!
Episode 178: Mailbag #7
Episode 177: The wild and wooly truth about NAS
Episode 176: Live from the PC Museum!
Episode 175: Put your top secret date in the 'Cryp
Episode 174: Your Basic DSLR Lens Kit
Episode 173: iTunes Power Tips
Episode 172: Printing to the network
Episode 171: BitTorrent Unscrambled
Episode 170: Batting away Virii - Anti-Virus signa
Episode 169: Which browser is for you?
Episode 168: To refill or not to refill: Ink cartr
Episode 167: WPA2 Revisited - Setting up wireless
Episode 166: Build your own website!
Episode 165: Rock out with GarageBand
Episode 164: Alternatively charged! Alternative-en
Episode 163: Shop Safely Online
Episode 162: Low-tech solutions for High-tech prob
Episode 161: Shorten that long URL!
Episode 160: You're done with your PC ....Now what
Episode 159: Notebooks? No! Netbooks!
Episode 158: The 411 on Windows 7
Episode 157: Soccer Mom's Tech Toolbox
Episode 156: What IS Windows, anyhow?
Episode 155: Weirdest of CES 2009
Episode 154: Best of CES 2009
Episode 153: CES 2009 Special Update!
Episode 152: You got a new PC...what next?
Episode 151: Mailbag #6
Episode 150: RAW Rah Rah: Why shoot your photos in
Episode 149: Turn Your Radio On: What is RF?
Episode 148: Catch the WAV: Audio Files Explained
Episode 147: Aaaaaaannnd...ACTION! Video Editing 1
Episode 146: Protect Your Kids Online
Episode 145: Why's My Computer So Slooooooooowwwww
Episode 144: Sit Up Straight! Computer Ergonomics
Episode 143: Demystifying DPI
Episode 142: Protect Your Identity
Episode 141: The Power of PowerLine Networking
Episode 140: Mailbag #5
Episode 139: How to Mount a Flat Panel TV
Episode 138: What is Resolution?
Episode 137: Do These Ones Go To 11?
Episode 136: Fonts Demystified
Episode 135: iPhone 3G Demystified
Episode 134: Surround Sound Demystified
Episode 133: Mailbag #4
Episode 132: What is Centrino?
Episode 131: PDF Demystified
Episode 130: Intro to Satellite Radio
Episode 129: FTP Demystified
Episode 128: Touch Your Tech
Episode 127: How a NAT Router works
Episode 126: Storage on your Network
Episode 125: Mailbag #3
Episode 124: Power Protection
Episode 123: Intro to HijackThis
Episode 122: High-Def DVD Survival Guide
Episode 121: PVRs Demystified
Episode 120: Undelete Your Files
Episode 119: Mailbag #2
Episode 118: Should You Care About the Mac Book Ai
Episode 117: Camera Settings Demystified
Episode 116: Next Generation Flash Drives
Episode 115: Next Generation E-Books
Episode 114: Dunk your Digicam!
Episode 113: Lab Rats Mailbag
Episode 112: What's Old Is MP3s Again
Episode 111: Do Adjust Your Set
Episode 110: Browser Security
Episode 109: How To Buy An LCD Monitor
Episode 108: iPod Hacking
Episode 107: EULAs Demystified
Episode 106: Macworld 2008
Episode 105: CES 2008 Bonus Footage
Episode 104.4: CES 2008 Day 4
Episode 104.3: CES 2008 Day 3
Episode 104.2: CES 2008 Day 2
Episode 104.1: CES 2008 Day 1
Episode 103: Whatware?
Episode 102: Intro to Mac OS X Leopard
Episode 101: 2007 Gift Guide
Episode 100: A Very Special Lab Rats
Episode 99: How to Hide your Data
Episode 98: Vista to XP Networking
Episode 97: Multi-Monitor Setups
Episode 96: Hotspot Safety
Episode 95: Trojan Horses Demystified
Episode 94: User Accounts Demystified
Episode 93: LabRats at New Media Expo 2007 Part 2
Episode 92: LabRats at New Media Expo 2007
Episode 91: Update your PC for Performance
Episode 90: How to Fix an iPod
Episode 89: Troubleshoot an Ailing Network
Episode 88: Decoding Computer Ads
Episode 87: A2DP is Not a Droid
Episode 86: Vampire Power Demystified
Episode 85: Software Troubleshooting in Vista
Episode 84: iPhone Any Good?
Episode 83: How LCD and Plasma TV Work
Episode 82: Perpendicular Storage Demystified
Episode 81: Intro to Apple TV
Episode 80: Get Ready For High Definition DVDs
Episode 79: Software Surgery
Episode 78: Understanding USB
Episode 77: Transform XP into Vista
Episode 76: How to Video Podcast
Episode 75: What is WIMAX?
Episode 74: Disk Utility Demystified
Episode 73: Backup 101
Episode 72: Smart Phones 101
Episode 71: How Flash Memory Works
Episode 70: Home Network Security 101
Episode 69: Mac vs. PC
Episode 68: UAC Hacks
Episode 67: Cars for Geeks
Episode 66: Hot Windows Vista Features
Episode 65: Home Network Basics
Episode 64: Vista Performance Tools
Episode 63: Run Windows on a Mac
Episode 62: How To Choose An MP3 Player
Episode 61: Windows Security 101
Episode 60: Remote Control Your Mom's PC
Episode 59: Intro to Windows Vista
Episode 58: CES Robots!
Episode 57: Printers 101
Episode 56.4: CES 2007 Day 4
Episode 56.3: CES 2007 Day 3
Episode 56.2: CES 2007 Day 2
Episode 56.1: CES 2007 Day 1
Episode 55: Intro to Linux
Episode 54: Defrag Demystified
Episode 53: Vista Business Launch
Episode 52: Super-Charge Skype
Episode 51: Mac Maintenance
Episode 50: Intro to Digital SLR
Episode 49: Core 2 Demystifed
Episode 48: GPS Demystified
Episode 47: Upgrade Your Video Card
Episode 46: LabRats at Podcast Expo 2006 (Part 2)
Episode 45: LabRats at Podcast Expo 2006 (Part 1)
Episode 44: DSL vs Cable Internet
Episode 43: Upgrade Your Power Supply
Episode 42: Mobile Phone Travel
Episode 41: High-definition DVD Primer
Episode 40: CODEC 101
Episode 39: New Gadgets From Creative
Episode 38: Flash Your BIOS
Episode 37: Apple Worldwide Developers Conference
Episode 36: BIOS Basics
Episode 35: Registry 101
Episode 34: Instant Notebook Upgrades
Episode 33: TV to Computer Technology
Episode 32: Build or Buy a PC
Episode 31: How To Be A Geek Musician
Episode 30: How to Buy a Mac
Episode 29: Windows Vista Preview
Episode 28: Reinstall and Reformat
Episode 27: Keep Your PC Cool
Episode 26: How to Add a Second Hard Drive
Episode 25: Multi-Core Processors Demystified
Episode 24: VOIP Demystified
Episode 23: Clean Your Computer
Episode 22: Understanding Drivers
Episode 21: RAM Upgrades Demystified
Episode 20: Digital Cameras Demystified
Episode 19: Hot New Panasonic Gadgets
Episode 18: TV Technology Demystified
Episode 17: HDTV and More!
Episode 16: A Trip To The DMZ
Episode 15: Optical Media Explained
Episode 14: MAC Address Filtering
Episode 13 - Motherboard Anatomy
Episode 12 - CES and Macworld Wrap Up
Episode 11.2 - Macworld Expo 2006 Day 2
Episode 11.1 - Macworld Expo 2006 Day 1
Episode 10.4 - CES 2006 Day 4
Episode 10.3 - CES 2006 Day 3
Episode 10.2 - CES 2006 Day 2
Episode 10.1 - CES 2006 Day 1
Episode 9 - Network File Sharing
Episode 8 - RAID Explained
Episode 7 - Setup a Wireless Home Network
Episode 6 - Home network primer
Episode 5 - Hard drive upgrades made easy
Episode 4 - Super charge your Windows startup
Episode 3 - New camcorder features
Episode 2 - TV connectors demystified
Episode 1 - Wireless router security
Episode 0 - Testing 1-2-3

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