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Each week we put up new video podcasts explaining the latest in cool technology from Photoshop to iPods. We sp...
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MODTV reports on the glamorous world of Supermodels, Fashion Designers, and goes backstage at all the hottest ...
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Surround Vision is a concept by Santiago Alfaro from MIT. His idea is to give layers to your TV viewing experience with multiple screens. Check out the video above! used my discount code GEEK at and saved 12%. It's simple and easy, and you don't have to know any code!

Video podcast:GeekBrief.TV Gadget News
Website: www.geekbrief.TV
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Description: Video Podcast with news about tech tools and toys featuring Cali Lewis. The format is fast, fun, fresh and flirty. Most Briefs are fewer than four minutes, and sometimes Cali breaks format to do a little dance.
Tags: technology tech news geekbrief geek brief tv gadgets girl ipod apple mac microsoft windows comedy web2.0


GBTV #779 (small) | Bloopers, Gaffs, and Gibberish
GBTV #778 (small) | iOS4 Update, emPower, Hospital
GBTV #777 (small) | GAEMS Entertainment System, iP
GBTV #776 (small) | Dropcam Echo, My Passport Stud
GBTV #775 (small) | YouTube Video Editor, ClearSpo
GBTV #774 (small) | iPhone 4 PreOrders, New Mac Mi
GBTV #773 (small) | Microsoft Kinect & New Xbo
GBTV #772 (small) | Google Voice in Gmail, Rockban
GBTV #771 (small) | WD TV Live Plus HD, Evo 4G Mac
GBTV #770 (small) | Ford Sync & Google Maps, S
GBTV #769 (small) | iPhone 4 from WWDC
GBTV #768 (small) | AT&T Data Plan Changes, do
GBTV #767 (small) | Pulse, Lumix DMC-FX75, Perchin
GBTV #766 (small) | WindPad 100 & 110, EeePad,
GBTV #765 (small) | Iota Flex, Fring, Sell on iBoo
GBTV #764 (small) | Comcast 105Mbps, NEC 3D PC, US
GBTV #763 (small) | PowerV Duo, Wii Gloves, Smartp
GBTV #763 (small) | PowerV Duo, Wii Gloves, Smartp
GBTV #762 (small) | International iPads, EyeTV HD,
GBTV #761 (small) | Google I/O: Google TV, Chrome
GBTV #760 (small) | Immortal Sunglasses, L5 Remote
GBTV #759 (small) | Lasers' 50th Birthday, Ee
GBTV #758 (small) | Sharp 3D Module, Mind Controll
GBTV #757 (small) | Samsung U200 & U250, Creat
GBTV #756 (small) | Pioneer XW-NAC1, Sony NEX3 &am
GBTV #755 (small) | Sony VAIO P, Fujitsu E-Paper I
GBTV #754 (small) | Humble Monkey, i-LIMB Pulse, C
GBTV #753 (small) | BenQ E1260, Wii Controll Demo,
GBTV #752 (small) | HTC Incredible
GBTV #751 (small) | Google & BumpTop, Best Buy
GBTV #750 (small) | Microsoft Courier, Windows 7 N
GBTV #749 (small) | Nokia N8, HP & Palm, AT&am
GBTV #748 (small) | Zomm Review, No Touch Typing
GBTV #747 (small) | OLED Wallpaper, Driving Techno
GBTV #746 (small) | Dell Smoke, Thunder, Lightning
GBTV #745 (small) | Temple Bags, Panasonic 3D Sale
GBTV #743 (small) | Holocube Touch, Netflix Subtit
GBTV #742 (small) | Surround Vision from MIT
GBTV #741 (small) | New MacBook Pros & MiniDis
GBTV #740 (small) | Neflix Wii Streaming, Opera Mi
GBTV #739 (small) | Canon XF305 & XF300, Chat
GBTV #738 (small) | iPhone OS 4.0
GBTV #737 (small) | ARRI 4K Camera, Allegro WiFi R
GBTV #736 (small) | I'm an Action Figure!, Dr
GBTV #735 (small) | iPad Sales, Sub-25nm flash mem
GBTV #734 (small) | The iPad Has Landed
GBTV #733 (small) | HMTL5 on iPad, Wolfram|Alpha A
GBTV #732 (small) | Bionic Vision Australia, Desk
GBTV #731 (small) | iPad Guided Tours, Coby MP570,
GBTV #730 (small) | Mythos XTR-50, Gifting iTunes
GBTV #729 (small) | 22 Megapixel Display Wall Feat
GBTV #728 (small) | WePad, Gowalla, QuantamFilm, O
GBTV #727 (small) | Phone 7 & MIX Updates, Kin
GBTV 726 (small) | Ooma, Hydro Floors, Surgical Sp
GBTV #725 (small) | FreeAgent Theater+ HD, JuicedL
GBTV #723 (small) | Windows Phone 7 Series
GBTV #722 (WMV) | qTweeter, Google Reader Play, Pl
GBTV #721 (small) | Hug, 3DTVs at Best Buy, Kindle
GBTV #720 (small) | Pandora Thriving, Joey Roth Ce
GBTV #719 (small) | Rapportive, World's Small
GBTV #718 (small) | FLPR Universal Remote, ASUS Th
GBTV #717 (small) | TiVo Series4, HP EliteBook, Wo
GBTV #716 (small) | iLuv Clock with Bed Shaker, Co
GBTV #715 (small) | iLet Mini HAL, PowerA IR Case,
GBTV #714 (small) | A Closer Look at Bing & I&
GBTV #713 (small) | HTC Legend, Wireless File Tran
GBTV #711 (small) | Jazari, Sigma DP2s, Samsung Po
GBTV #712 (small) | LCD Control for DSLRs, WalMart
GBTV #710 (small) | DIY 3D Video System, Google Do
GBTV #709 (small) | Windows Phone 7, USB 3.0 4-por
GBTV #708 (small) | The Internet Bus, Savant &
GBTV #707 (small) | PaperShow, SkyFi, U-Socket, Au
GBTV #706 (small) | Android 2.1, Google's 1Gb
GBTV #705 (small) | Google Buzz, Tunebug, Netgear
GBTV #704 (small) | Canon Rebel T2i, Qisda QCM-330
GBTV #703 (small) | Sling Player on 3G, Nexus One
GBTV #702 (small) | Olympus PEN E-PL1, Nikon COOLP
GBTV #701 (small) | GZ-HM340 HD Camcorder, Displax
GBTV #700 (small) | TouchMouse App, Intuos4 Tablet
GBTV #699 (small) | Amazon Drama, 80 Port USB Hub,
GBTV #698 (small) | Clamshell Projector, iPad Acce
GBTV #697 (small) | Google Voice back on iPhone, C
GBTV #696 (small) | Apple iPad
GBTV #695 (small) | AudioTechnica Headphone Amp, T
GBTV #694 (small) | Thom Filicia Design & Sava
GBTV #693 (small) | Apple Tablet on Verizon, Table
GBTV #692 (small) | Free Shuttle Engines, Windows
GBTV #691 (small) | Apple Event, Asus DR750 eReade
GBTV #690 (small) | RCA Airnergy, Mikey, ASUS NX90
GBTV #689 (small) | HDTVs from CES, iType Keyboard
GBTV #688 (small) | eBook Readers
GBTV #687 (small) | 3D Technology from CES
GBTV #686 (small) | HP & Dell Slate, Sony Blu-
GBTV #685 (the REAL 685) | OEM Products from Sling
GBTV #684 (small) | WSJ Apple Update, Nexus One Re
GBTV #683 (small) | CES Coverage, Olympus EP-1, ZO
GBTV #682 (small) | Top 10 Favorite Gadgets List f
GBTV #681 (small) | Nokia Booklet 3G Review, Trica
GBTV #680 (small) | DirecTV HD 3D Channel, Ford�
GBTV #679 (small) | Apple Tablet Rumors & Even

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