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In this message we're going to talk about the present nature and person of Jesus Christ. Who is he (right now)? Where is he (right now)? What is he doing (right now)?

Video podcast:Video at New Hope Calgary
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Description: If you had a chance to look at the world the way God sees it, what would you see? There are a lot of messed up things happening but there is also a lot of good. Can you see it? Join Pastor John Van Sloten and look at the world in a different way.
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Experiencing God Through Fathering
God’s Providence in a Map
Salt and Light
Suffering for your Faith?
Making the Peace
Finding the possible in the impossible
Equality and Freedom
The Science and Gospel of Branches
Resurrection and Searching for Sugarman - Easter S
Death and Searching for Sugarman - Good Friday
Florence and the Machine (when God says your name)
TYCO Slotcars and Finding Contentment
Water, Wine, Bread - Elements of Grace
Seeing What God Sees (via the eyes of an astronaut
Why Does God Allow Pain?
Cultivating a Pure(r) Heart
Freeing Yourself through Mercy
Oh the places you'll go!
God's Hospitable Heart in a Server
What do you want in life?
Weak enough for God?
Finding Peace and Joy in Our Busy Lives
God's Just Heart in a Judge
Meeting God in the Mourning
Seeing God with Poor Eyes
Jesus shares in our Humanity
Christmas Eve
Death and Hope - Blue Christmas
Worry too much? - Blue Christmas
God and Divorce - Blue Christmas
Finding God in Boredom - Blue Christmas
Parable of the Wandering Sheep
God @School - Mathematics
Supernova; Death and Resurrection in the Universe
God’s Coming-along-side Heart in a Development W
Storm on the Sea of Galilee
God@School - History
Cultivating God's presence through a Farmer
Judging Less
The Little Mermaid
God@School - Language Arts
Commandment 10.10 - always wanting more
The Parable of Breaking Bad
Parable of the Sower, are you listening?
Being Ready for God
Parable of the Unforgiving Servant
Parable of the Minas
Parable of the Weeds
Geology, God's Unchangeable Goodness, and the real
Commandment 10.9 Lying
The Glory of God in Formula One Racing
God’s Stress Relieving Truth in Your Neurons
Ten Commandments Eight - Stealing
Ten Commandments Seven - Adultery
God’s Truth in a Software Engineer
Stories from Malawi 2013
Ten Commandments Six - Shall not Murder
God’s "Making New" truth in a Stylist
Ten Commandments Five - Honour your Parents
Finding God in the Great Outdoors
Easter Sunday - God’s Resurrecting Heart (throug
Good Friday - God’s Broken Heart (through an Eme
Ten Commandments Four - Rest
Ten Commandments Three - misusing HIS name
The Prodigal Son
The Group of Seven – Iconic Artists, part 2
The Group of Seven – Iconic Artists
Ten Commandments Two - No Idols
THE CAT IN THE HAT and The Kingdom of God
The Unexpected Gifts of Community
God at Work: An Electrician
Ten Commandments One - Choose God
Olde Wisdom for a New Year
God's calling for our lives in 2013
Oh Holy Night - Christmas Eve 2012
God's Birthing Truth in a Midwife
The Mystery of the Incarnation
The Hobbit, God's Call to Adventure
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
All Money is God's Money
The Parable of Leonard Cohen
God’s Saving Heart in a Firefighter
Remembering the Fallen
The Transfiguration and the Glory of Jesus
The Light of the World - part 2 (Transforming Comm
Nancy Hinga, growing prosperity in Malawi
Forensic Psychology and The Holy Spirit
The Light of the World (transforming everything)
The Main Thing
RUSH: Humanist philosophers and God's prophets
God's goodness in a Landlord
Experiencing God through Community
God, Robert Munsch and David’s Father
The Parable of the Hunger Games
Architecture and a Designer Deity
The Parable of Olympic Swimmer Tera Van Beilen
Live from NHC, music for worship
Dogs, a parable of pets
Broken Body Image
Wolverines and the fierceness of God
The Rublev Trinity
Holy Spirit Coming
Recognizing Christ in your Life
Self-Examination and Forgiveness
The Biomechanics of a Runner’s leg
The Hydrology of the Bow River; Finding God in the
Geophysics and the Ground of all Being
Coldplay - Mylo Xyloto, prayers
a blindness that leads to sight
Come and See
God with us (everywhere)
Hugo Cabret and the Divine Watchmaker
Is there greater faith outside of the church?
What will Heaven (on earth) be like?
Serve Every Way
Celebrating 15 years - New Hope Church 1996 - 2011
Tangled - Discovering who you really are!
Epigenetics and the Love of God
Which Christ do you follow?
Parenting the Son of God
Finding God through Parenting - Words
Finding God through Parenting - Parenting as a len
Discerning God's Call on your life
The Kidney, Homeostasis, and the Holy Spirit
It might get LOUD
The Blanket Exercise
Finding God through STARS (air ambulance)
Paul and Professor X
The Many Ways God Self Reveals
The gift of Gratitude
Building Community, from Malawi to Calgary
Authentic Christianity
Criminal Minds
Green Eggs and Ham
What does it mean to know God?
St. Paul, A Shipwreck and The Adjustment Bureau
The religious nature of human beings
How God used Supertramp to Save my Life!
Imagine Seeing Again

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