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Video podcast:Cornerstone Community Church Singapore
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Description: Weekly sermons from Cornerstone Community Church, Singapore.
Tags: cornerstone singapore church zion


A Prophetic Insight to Current Events
Israel's Restoration and the Second Coming
What Really Matters
He Who Overcomes
The Anointing
The True Gospel
Your Conversation Makes Your Relationship
Wisdom for Battle
The Challenge of the Wilderness
The God Who Remembers
Dream Again
The Song of the Vineyard
Being Planted in the House of the Lord
Finishing With a Bang
Messengers of Hope
True Love
The Feast of Tabernacles
We Are What We Respond to
Preparing for Revival
Blessed are the Hungry
Godly Perspectives for Marriage (Part 2)
Godly Perspectives for Marriage (Part 1)
The Importance of Obedience
Preparing A Dwelling Place
Dreaming God's Dream
God of the Womb
You Cannot Be My Disciple
Who is Worthy?
The Necessity of Sacrifice
A Fresh Perspective on the Commandments
The Roar of the Lion of Judah
The Sin of Sodom
Floods On Dry Ground
Come Up Higher
Be Watchful and Strengthen That Which Remains
The Commandment of Love
7 Lessons from Ants
Laying Hold of the Kingdom of God
A Resting Place for the Lord
Barrenness to Fruitfulness
Return to the Lord Your God
Service and Hospitality
The Man Has A Plan
Do You Feel Like Giving Up?
Rise Up and Walk!
The Great Divide
At the Feet of Jesus
Getting Ready for the Last Days
Watchman, What Of The Night?
Prayer Conference with Karen Dunham
A New Generation Rises
Defeating the Spirit of Absalom
The Secret Place of Thunder
A Life of Faith
Wells of Revival and Refreshing
The Mystery of Israel
Israel, The Divine Miracle
Corporate Prayer (Part 2)
Corporate Prayer (Part 1)
The Place Where God Has Chosen
The Birth Of A New Season
Greater Works Than These
Entering A New Season
The Fullness of God in the Church
God's Threshing Floor
Debt of Love
Spiritual Parenting
The Oracle
Choose You This Day!
Hitting the Mark
The Power of the Holy Spirit in us
Knowing God's Love
Keys to Receiving Your Healing
Get Into the River
Creating an Atmosphere for God to Move
The Final Apologetic
Gone Fishing
Seeing from God's Perspective
Crossing Over
The High Places of Our Hearts
The Isaiah 6 Encounter
Conquering Love
The Spirit of Breakthrough
Gateway to the Throne Room (Part 2)
Gateway to the Throne Room (Part 1)
Where Are The Miracles?
Redeeming the Marketplace
Living in the Realm of Pentecost
The Sovereignty of God
From Visitation to Habitation
The Key to Breakthrough
On Guard
Receiving Your Breakthrough
The Keys of Heaven
A Fresh Start
Seeing Your Future
Casting Down the Accuser
Personal Intimate Fellowship
Explaining the Resurrection
Songs of Ascents (Part 5)
Lessons from Psalm 106
The Divine Plumbline
Culture (part 1): Passionate People
God's Mighty Men
Being An Ambassador of Christ
Three Levels of Anointing
When A Hero Fails You
The In-Between
The Miracle is Closer Than You Think
The Power of Earnest Prayer
The Songs Of The Ascents (Part 4)
Prayer Initiative for Israel (Special Launch)
Kings Reign by Wisdom
The Creative Power of Wisdom
The Wisdom of God
God's Provision For Victory
Two Levels Of Commitment
The Whole Head is Sick
Help! I'm having an Amalek Attack
The Songs Of The Ascents (Part 3)
God's Purpose in the Storms
Songs of Ascents (15 Steps Out) Part 2
The Spirit of Excellence
Walking Worthy of His Calling (Part 1)
Walking Worthy of His Calling (Part 2)
First Things First (Part 2)
Songs of Ascents (15 Steps Out)
First Things First (Part 1)
What Are We Known For?
Way More Than a Building
Keys To Being Blessed
The Hand of God
Remembering and Rehearsing God's Deliverances
God of Second Chances
To Know God
Preparing A Champion
Model of Friendship
Spiritual Tipping Points
A Heart Perfect Toward God
Raising Up the Sons of Zion
After Pentecost
The Lord Is My Shepherd
For His Pleasure
The Battle for the High Places
Thinking on God's Truths
The Resurrection of Christ
The Power of Thanksgiving
Being Heard From On High
A New Thing
Portrait of A Revival Generation
An Effective Open Door
A New Thing with an Old Recipe, Part 2
A New Thing with an Old Recipe, Part 1
Singapore's Antioch Call
Singapore's Prophetic Destiny
Time to Shout!
The Principle of Vision
Jesus is the Way
Discernment & Deception
Church Without Walls
Update on the Middle East Conflict
The God of the Valleys
The Cry of the Orphan Generation
The Last of the Last Days Generation
The Power of His Name
The Peace of God
Embracing the Love of God

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