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We got wind of a big chess tournament happening with some of the big names in hip hop, so of course we had to see what this was all about. Turns out the Hip Hop Chess Federation was putting on the inaugural Chess Kings Invitational, an event with the brightest young minds of chess competing […]

Video podcast:Geek Entertainment TV
Website: www.geekentertainment.t...
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Description: Geek Entertainment TV is an emerging global media empire, reporting from deep inside the bubble as it re-inflates. GETV covers buzzword compliant topics such as web 2.0, tagging, AJAX, social software and the bubble juice known as VCs. We like robots, so you'll hear about that too.
Tags: geek entertainment tv is an emerging global media empire reporting from deep inside the bubble as it re-inflates. getv covers buzzword compliant topics such web 2.0 tagging ajax social software and juice known vcs. we like robots so


A Night of 8-bit Chiptunes
In Bed with Kool Keith – Part 2
In Bed with Kool Keith – Part 1
Air Sex Championships
Naval Battleships of Epic Proportions!
What is Steampunk?
Tactical Corsets for Her Stylish Protection
“Goodbye London” an Animated Music Video
PEZ Candy Goliath vs PEZ Fanboy David
Kevin Moore is a Geek Pornographer (SFW)
The Making of Browncoats: Redemption, a Firefly Fa
Chris Anderson Speaks for Free
Video Guitars are the Future of Music
MakerBot Dreams of Evil Darth Vader Heads
What’choo Talking About, Todd Bridges?
TechCab Confessions: MC Frontalot
Woz Plays Serious Segway Polo in the Park
TechCab Confessions: Julia Allison
1,000 Hypermiles on a Single Tank of Gas
CAPTCHA Demystified
Tim Wu on Network Neutrality
San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom Grows Geek Roots
TechCab Confessions – Part 1
Brad Warner is Not Your Typical Zen Master
Wu Tang’s RZA Reveals His Inner Geek
Jonas Luster Talks MMORPGs
Exploring WonderCon 2009
Is It Possible to Love a Horse Too Much?
Scandalous Twitter Habits: Part Two
Hot Twitter Habits: Part One
Double D & the Spy Who Sorta Liked Me
Finding Geeks at the Adult Entertainment Expo
Manifest Hope in DC
Massage Release of CES 2009
The Last Macworld Expo
Interfacing with Aza Raskin
Santa Takes Over San Francisco
Fog City Wrestling
Hip Hop Chess Kids
Cupcake Camp Isn’t Just for Sugar Lovers
Inside Leo Laporte’s Cottage
The Art of Royce Bannon
Election Night in San Francisco
Leslie Hall Knows Her Gem Sweater
Escape from Berkeley
Nerdcore Manifest Destiny
A Day at the LOLzoo
In the Church of Peaches Christ
Ian Spector is Chuck Norris Facts
Vlog Deathmatch
Gumball 3000 Rally
We Like Chess
Don’t Hassel the Hoff, David Hasselhoff
Comic-Con 2008: A Quick Tour
Deep Inside the Man Behind Pixel Corps
Heklina, Queen Drag Geek
WWWDC Smackdown!
John Wayne Memorial Balloon Fight
Unified Theory of LOLs
JibJab Funny Guys
MC Frontalot is the Nerdcorest
What has the Internet done for you lately?
Interesting Technologies Emerge
A Day in the Life of a Pro Video Gamer
Pillow Fight: Make Feathers, Not War
Anonymous vs Scientology
ANSI Art for the Masses
A Day at the Cat Show
Commodore 64 Turns 25
Supporting the Striking Writers
A Festival of Vintage Computers
NewTeeVee Live: Old Media & New Talent
NewTeeVee Live: Pleats and a Long Tail
What is GETV?
Exploring the PEZ Museum
Hip Hop Chess Tournament
Podcasters Take Over PNME
Halo 3 Launch Eve
Million Booze March
Sync My Ride
The Crankiest Geek
Wine Tasting With Gary Vaynerchuk
Linuxworld 2007 Geekery
Mechanical Amusements From the Past
Captured! By Robots
Dontcha Wish Your Cell Phone Was Hot Like Me?
Sex Blogger Audacia Ray Gets Naked
iPhone Launch Day
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A Day at the Maker Faire
Yahoo!, She’s a Brickhouse
KITT is Alive and Gay
Double Vision Dances in the Technology Age
Yuri’s Night at NASA
Inside Onomy Labs
I Want My
Twitterdildonic Stimulation
Where’s the Action at SXSW?

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