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Video podcast:Average Betty (Video)
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Description: Average Betty does for home n' cooking what punk did for rock n' roll: she cuts the length and cranks the volume! But you don't need a mohawk to enjoy Average Betty's culinary creations. Check out for recipes and more.
Tags: average betty averagebetty comedy cooking girls recipes parody yahoo video award best personality blog humor itunes usa english youtube sexy cool bikini rock roll funny characters current events celebrities


How to Make Red Velvet Cupcakes
How to Make Grilled Steak Burritos with Guacamole
How to Make Potato Cup Frittatas
Tater-Tot-O-Rama! How to Make Tater Tots
How to Make Spicy Thai Potato Salad
How to Make Hasselback Potatoes
Chef Victor Casanova's Spaghetti Alla Chitarra Rec
Food & Wine Festival Palm Desert
In Case of Emergency: How to make Grilled Fish Tac
MARDI GRAS SPECIAL: Cajun Po'rk Boy Recipe
Valentine's Day Special with Top Chef Fabio Vivian
Xino U Want It
Get Cho Spice On!
Vlogger Challenge Finito
Vlogger Challenge Cuatro
Vlogger Challenge Thrice
Vlogger Challenge Part Deux
Vlogger Challenge One
I Canteenwalla Haz Scallops?
Schenk & Potatoes
Double-Double Rainbow
Wanna Whole Lotta Bartolotta
Proud to be American Wine & Food
Top Secret Coffee Cake
Times to Celebrate: Los Angeles Times Celebration
The Wizard of Ozumo
The People's Food Court: Santa Monica Place
OC Fair 2010: Fry Baby Fry!
Dos Caminos and a Microphone
Pyrotechnic Plate Lunch
Jalapeno POP Burger
Foodstarstruck: Vegas Uncork'd
Pizza Dough Do's and Doughn'ts
Viva Wazuzu
Popcorn Stars
Good & Gooder: Food & Wine Classic in Aspe
Bam-a-Lamb Burger
Best in Grilled Cheese
Fast Food Five: Rock the Food I
Fast Food Five: NATPE 2009 (Part Two)
Fast Food Five: NATPE 2009 (Part One)
Fast Food Five: Macworld 2009
BONUS: Average Holiday Season
Betty #48: A Very Average Holiday Special
Betty #47: Picky Eater Chicken Finger
Betty Presents: An Interview with Marisa McClellan
Betty #46: Caprese Se Puede
Betty #45: Flap Jacked
Betty #44: An Inconvenient Dessert
Betty #43: Hummmmus
Betty #42: Betty the Unicorn Fritter
Betty #41: Mad Mini-Burgers
Betty #40: Superdeligatessen
Betty #39: Mighty Salad
Betty #38: Baja-Ha Fish Tacos
Betty #37: Fettuccine Alfradio
Betty #36: The Waffler
Betty #35: Gimme Some Sugar Cookie
Betty #34: SuperSkin Sunday
Betty #33: Spin-ach Doctor
Betty #32: Happy Hollandaise
Betty #31: Stop, Drop and Dinner Roll!
Betty #30: The Betty Witch Project
Betty #29: Sec. 170(c) Birthday Cupcakes
Betty #28: Burrito 911
Betty #27: Hoffepeno!
Betty #26: Chicken Satay-ser
Betty #25: Fish Camp
Betty #24: CSI: Cookie Sundae Investigation
Betty #23: The Cuckoonut Shrimp Fairy
Betty #22: Welcome to Pita Hut
Betty #21: Mac Daddy n' Cheese
Betty #20: Fajquitos™: Toma Dos
Betty #19: Thank You for Eating Coffee Cake
Betty #18: You Gotta Beefy Noodle?
Betty #17: Big Dance Barbecue Pizza
Betty #16: Chinese Chicken New Year
Betty #15: SuperRoll Sunday
Betty #14: Sconeworld
Betty #13: That's Nacho Resolution!
Betty #12: Rock n' California Roll
Betty #11: Holiday Disco Cookie
Betty #10: Garlic Massaged Potatoes
Betty #9: Salad Storm 2006
Betty #8: Chiliball
Betty #7: The Perfect Shrimp???
Betty #6: Average Betty vs. The Fried Rice Demon

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