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This story is about a fitness centre run by a young couple. We'll look at the expressions 'day-to-day' and 'day in, day out', as well as explaining what it means to fly by the seat of your pants.

Video podcast:Australia Network - English Bites
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Description: Australia Network is offering weekly vodcasts of our popular English Bites program on a free trial basis. English Bites is an informative and entertaining way for intermediate to advanced English speakers to learn common terms and English usage.
Tags: esl english australia bites learn video


Series 9: Bike Ride
Series 8: Sailing
Series 8: Diving
Series 8: Adelaide Cup
Series 8: Crabbing
Series 8: Taronga Zoo
Series 8: Skydiving
Series 8: Dolphin Swim
Series 8: Motor Racing
Series 8: Swimming
Series 8: Skiing
Series 7: Toy Story
Series 7: Grampians
Series 7: Fitness Fanatics
Series 7: Sea Lions
Series 7: Martindale Hall
Series 7: Berkelouw's Books
Series 7: Bush Retreat
Series 7: Scarecrow Competition
Series 7: Oyster Farm
Series 7: Gus the Fisherman
Series 7: Maria Island
Series 7: Forest Protesting
Series 7: Thanh Bui
Series 7: Little Red
Series 7: Berrima
Series 7: Monopoly
Series 7: City Lights
Series 7: Welcome Students
Series 7: Dinostory
Series 7: Lantern La Lumiere
Series 7: Cutloose Surf
Series 7: Beach Volleyball
Series 7: Mardi Gras
Series 7: Bridge Climb
Series 7: Rudd Apology
Series 7: Darwin's Finches
Series 7: Ronald Ryan
Series 7: Hemp
Series 7: Tour Down Under
Series 7: Knitting
Series 4: Salt Lake
Series 4: Voice of the Bush
Series 4: Public Shelters
Series 4: High School Actors
Series 4: Perfect School
Series 4: Perth's Future
Series 4: Yodellers
Series 4: Worm Farms
Series 4: Olympic Stamps
Series 4: Fairy Tree
Series 4: Young Drivers
Series 4: Business Women
Series 4: Book Babies
Series 4: Wallaby Island
Series 4: Cracker Night
Series 4: Bush Foods
Series 4: Country Music Star
Series 4: Antarctica Photos
Series 4: Cattle Drive
Series 4: Graffiti
Series 4: Outback Tourism
Series 4: Bees
Series 4: Seagulls
Series 4: Fashion Designer
Series 4: Homeless University
Series 4: Eureka Stockade
Series 4: Dog Music
Series 4: Weather Man
Series 4: Pulp Fiction
Series 4: Bush Plum
Series 4: What's your name?
Series 4: What do you study?
Series 4: Aboriginal Art
Series 4: Recycling
Series 4: Radio Station
Series 4: Restaurant Guru
Series 4: Transit of Venus
Series 4: Music Workshops
Series 4: Pollution Police
Series 4: Dolphin Sanctuary
Series 4: Bells Surf
Series 4: Computer Students
Series 4: What's your house like?
Series 4: How do you get to uni?
Series 4: Do you like the weather?
Series 4: How much is that?
Series 4: Kay
Series 4: Shopping Lists
Series 4: Working life
Series 4: Weather words
Series 4: Bread Shop
Series 4: Orchids
Series 4: About Jasmine
Series 4: Holidays
Series 4: Occupations
Series 4: Garden Railways
Series 4: Royal Flying Doctor Service
Series 4: Australiana Auction
Series 4: Last Bullocky
Series 4: Tripe Club
Series 4: Sheep Judging
Series 4: Big Book Club
Series 4: Camp Ovens
Series 4: Literature Festival
Series 4: Cyclone Tracy
Series 4: Baby Animals
Series 4: Go-karts
Series 4: What are you doing? - Vox Pops
Series 4: Hobbies - Vox Pops
Series 4: What do you like? - Vox Pops
Series 4: Suburban Garden
Series 4: Recipes - Vox Pops
Series 4: Quorn Store
Series 4: Flying Scientist
Series 4: Mars

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