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At Build 2014 we announced the ability to build universal app projects in Visual Studio that can be leveraged to easily deliver apps for both Windows Phone and Windows PC/Laptop/Tablet. This new offering makes it easier than ever to share your business logic, and also does a few interesting things to help you with tailoring your UI as well... but there is still more you might want to do to maximize your users' experience in your application.Peter Torr gave a great talk about this topic at Build 2014, where he asserted, "we shouldn't be talking about DPI or resolution anymore, but rather about _effective_ resolution". Today we met with Peter to get more detail on what he meant by that, as well as his advice on some basic techniques that *you* can use to easily deliver form factor optimized applications from a single code base.Now, layout rules like this don't ship "in the box" at this point, but Peter's put together a great sample that demonstrates exactly how you could build out layout rules that could be wired to Visual States in order to achieve this automatic re-layout behavior based on the exact viewable space available to the app, regardless of the specific device the user is using.Here are some links to related material:Build 2014 sessions onlinePeter's session at Build 2014Peter's "Layout Rules" code sampleFor even more detail on supporting resolutions, including more on the backstory, check out Peter's blog post from last year, that was specifically focused on leveraging the extra space on larger phones.Please let us know if you have any questions!Larry Lieberman @larryalieberman

Video podcast:Channel 9
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Description: Channel 9 is a Microsoft discussion forum used to promote conversations among Microsoft's customers targetted at Microsoft Windows users. Channel 9 features interviews with Microsoft developers about their products, a forum to discuss the videos and other topics, and a wiki, which has been adopted by various Microsoft teams as a way to aggregate feedback and respond to issues
Tags: software


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