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No description is available for this episode.

Video podcast:Comedy Central Stand-Up
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Description: Delicious bite-sized chunks of premium stand-up comedy -- delivered every Tuesday and Thursday.
Tags: premium blend clip joint comedy central presents stand up standup stand-up


Comedy Central Stand-Up: Fred Armisen
Comedy Central Stand-Up: Erin Foley
Comedy Central Stand-Up: Rob Pue
Comedy Central Stand-Up: Aziz Ansari
Comedy Central Stand-Up: Becky Donohue
Comedy Central Stand-Up: Donnell Rawlings
Comedy Central Stand-Up: Michelle Biloon
Comedy Central Stand-Up: Al Madrigal
Comedy Central Stand-Up: Bonnie McFarlane
Comedy Central Stand-Up: Debbie Shea
Comedy Central Stand-Up: Hot Picks
Comedy Central Stand-Up: Dan Gabriel
Comedy Central Stand-Up: Danielle Koenig
Comedy Central Stand-Up: Rachel Feinstein
Comedy Central Stand-Up: Damon Williams
Comedy Central Stand-Up: Greg Warren
Comedy Central Stand-Up: Jodie Wasserman
Comedy Central Stand-Up: Megan Mooney
Comedy Central Stand-Up: Vickie Shaw
Comedy Central Stand-Up: Michael Somerville
Comedy Central Stand-Up: Eddie Gossling
Comedy Central Stand-Up: Alonzo Bodden
Comedy Central Stand-Up: RodMan
Comedy Central Stand-Up: Natasha Leggero
Comedy Central Stand-Up: Billy D. Washington
Comedy Central Stand-Up: Eliot Chang
Comedy Central Stand-Up: Chris Mata
Comedy Central Stand-Up: Janine DiTullio
Comedy Central Stand-Up: Todd Lynn
Comedy Central Stand-Up: Kristeen von Hagen
Comedy Central Stand-Up: James Johann
Comedy Central Stand-Up: Blair Butler
Comedy Central Stand-Up: Eddie Gossling - Math
Comedy Central Stand-Up: Jessica Kirson - Cake
Comedy Central Stand-Up: Harland Williams - Cosmet
Comedy Central Stand-Up: Gabriel Iglesias - Mall M
Comedy Central's Dave Attell - Drinking
Comedy Central's Louis C.K. - Stupid Pe
Comedy Central's John Caparulo - Sandwi
Comedy Central's Alonzo Bodden - Stereo
Comedy Central's Bill Burr - Oprah
Comedy Central's Steve Byrne - Hearing
Comedy Central's Lewis Black - Hanukkah
Comedy Central's Maria Bamford - Half E
Comedy Central's Mike Birbiglia - Drink
Comedy Central's Ty Barnett - Didn't Kn
Comedy Central's Doug Benson - Life Tip
Comedy Central's Josh Blue - Lady Cop H
Comedy Central's Kyle Cease - Hulk Hoga
CC:Stand-Up: Michael Palascak - Seeing Eye Child
CC:Stand-Up: The Half Hour - The Trailer
CC:Stand-Up: Na'im Lynn - Trip to Africa
CC:Stand-Up: Neal Brennan - British News
CC:Stand-Up: Nick Vatterott - Love Halloween
CC:Stand-Up: Brendon Walsh - Girls' Night
CC:Stand-Up: Nick Swardson - Timeless Comedian
CC:Stand-Up: Theo Von - I'm Thirsty Jeans
CC:Stand-Up: Maronzio Vance - Extreme Home Makeove
CC:Stand-Up: Lewis Black - Exclusive - Suck on Thi
CC:Stand-Up: David O'Doherty - FAQ for the DOD
CC:Stand-Up: Uncensored - Patrice O'Neal - Bedroom
CC:Stand-Up: Key and Peele - White People Dreadloc
CC:Stand-Up: Judah Friedlander - Presidency Issues
CC:Stand-Up: Natasha Leggero - Home Paternity Test
CC:Stand-Up: Marc Maron - Keep It Coming
CC:Stand-Up: DVD Exclusive - El Chupacabra - Spons
CC Stand-Up: Matt Braunger - Shovel Fighter Exclus
CC:Stand-Up: Ben Kronberg - Bun in the Oven
CC:Stand-Up: Wyatt Cenac - Black Jedi
CC:Stand-Up DVD Exclusive - Jo Koy - All Access
CC:Stand-Up: Emily Heller - San Francisco Statisti
CC:Stand-Up: Jared Logan - Dad's Job
CC:Stand-Up: John Oliver - Courageous and Epic
CC:Stand-Up: Leo Allen - No Porn Rule
CC Stand-Up: DVD Exclusive - Carlos Mencia - Guide
CC:Stand-Up: John Oliver - Pigeon Indoors
CC Stand-Up: DVD Exclusive - Jeff Ross - Minneapol
CC:Stand-Up: Kurt Braunohler - List of People to K
CC:Stand-Up: Michael Ian Black - Not Ready
CC:Stand-Up: Michael Che - Homeless Dave
CC:Stand-Up: Hari Kondabolu - Super Bowl Commercia
CC:Stand-Up: John Oliver - Literary Themed Hotel
CC:Stand-Up: Dana Gould - Perfect Fear
CC:Stand-Up: Hannibal Buress - Moved to New York C
CC:Stand-Up: Anthony Jeselnik, John Mulaney, Chris
CC:Stand-Up: Kyle Kinane, Marc Maron, Jonah Ray, K
CC:Stand-Up: Pete Holmes, Katt Williams, Natasha L
CC:Stand-Up: Todd Barry, Joe Mande, Donald Glover,
CC:Stand-Up: Hannibal Buress, Kevin Hart, Matt Bra
CC:Stand-Up: Jim Norton, Jared Logan, Michael Pala
CC:Stand-Up: Kristen Schaal, Chris Hardwick, Kurt
CC:Stand-Up: Kristen Schaal, Lil Rel, Mark Normand
CC:Stand-Up: Gabriel Iglesias, Michael Ian Black,
CC:Stand-Up: Baron Vaughn, Cristela Alonzo, Michae
CC:Stand-Up: Jim Norton, Amy Schumer, Mike Lawrenc
CC:Stand-Up: Al Madrigal, Ben Kronberg, Michael Ch
CC:Stand-Up: Dan Soder, Doug Benson, Nikki Glaser,
CC:Stand-Up: Erik Griffin, Pete Holmes, Joe DeRosa
CC:Stand-Up: Dan St. Germain, Kumail Nanjiani, Kev
CC:Stand-Up: Lil Rel, John Oliver, Cristela Alonzo
CC:Stand-Up: Andy Haynes, Ted Alexandro, Moshe Kas
CC:Stand-Up: Sean Patton, T.J. Miller, Baron Vaugh
CC:Stand-Up: Owen Benjamin, Neal Brennan, Chelsea
CC:Stand-Up: Kyle Kinane, Leo Allen, Adam DeVine,
CC:Stand-Up: Kumail Nanjiani, Dan Soder, John Oliv
CC:Stand-Up: John Oliver, W. Kamau Bell, Neal Bren
CC:Stand-Up: Pete Holmes, Jonah Ray, Reggie Watts
CC:Stand-Up: John Mulaney, Liza Treyger, Wanda Syk
CC:Stand-Up: Steve Rannazzisi, Bill Cosby and Ari
CC:Stand-Up: Bill Cosby, Steve Rannazzisi and Jay
CC:Stand-Up: Chris D'Elia, Bill Cosby and Joe Roga
CC:Stand-Up: Ron Babcock,Chris D'Elia, Sam Simmons
CC:Stand-Up: Esther Povitsky, Kevin Barnett, and M
CC:Stand-Up: Byron Bowers, Neal Brennan, and Joey
CC:Stand-Up: Matt Koff, Kevin Hart, and David Koec
CC:Stand-Up: Neal Brennan, Brody Stevens, and Trev
CC:Stand-Up: Nick Kroll, Neal Brennan, and Fortune
CC:Stand-Up: Chelsea Handler, Dave Attell, and Jef
CC:Stand-Up: Kurt Braunohler, Neal Brennan, and St
CC:Stand-Up: W. Kamau Bell, Chris Hardwick, and Ku
CC:Stand-Up: Nick Swardson, Mike Epps, and Ari Sha
CC:Stand-Up: Joe Rogan, Daniel Tosh, Amy Schumer,
CC:Stand-Up: Hannibal Buress, Joe Rogan, Rachel Fe
CC:Stand-Up: Patton Oswalt, Tommy Johnagin, Joe Zi
CC:Stand-Up: Jim Gaffigan, Louis Katz, Tom Lennon,
CC:Stand-Up: Hannibal Buress, Patton Oswalt, Dave
CC:Stand-Up: Hannibal Buress
CC:Stand-Up: Patton Oswalt
CC:Stand-Up: Dave Attell
CC:Stand-Up: Tracy Morgan
CC:Stand-Up: Jim Gaffigan
CC:Stand-Up: David Spade
CC:Stand-Up: Marc Maron, Lynne Koplitz, David Spad
CC:Stand-Up: Louis Katz, Nick Thune, Hannibal Bure
CC:Stand-Up: Junior Stopka,Tracy Morgan, Damien Le
CC:Stand-Up: Al Jackson, Kurt Metzger, Kevin Hart,
CC:Stand-Up: Chris Distefano, Paul F. Tompkins, Mi
CC:Stand-Up: Tommy Johnagin, Sinbad, Adam Newman,
CC:Stand-Up: Chris Gethard, Whitney Cummings, Yann

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