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I’ve Been Trekkin’ All Night, My Foot’ […]

Video podcast:The Rest of Everest
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Description: An Almost Unabridged Expedition Experience. The Rest of Everest is a video podcast conceived and created by documentary filmmaker Jon Miller of TreeLine Productions in Colorado. It is "the rest" of the footage from the groundbreaking expedition documentary "Everest: The Other Side" which engrossed thousands of viewers when it premiered on Dish Network™ Pay-Per-View in May of 2005. The film documents the 2003 expedition to the Northeast Ridge route in Tibet, and coincides with the 50th anniversary climbing season. The story revolves around 23-year old climber Ben Clark and the fulfillment of his dream to become one of the youngest climbers to ever summit Everest. Although the film has been very well received, there's just so much of the story left to be told. Miller returned from Everest with over 80 hours of tape from the 60 day expedition. The final cut of the film totaled just 84 minutes. Average that out and it appears that only one minute of every hour filmed made it into the finished version. Jon will regularly be editing sections of footage together and then watching them with Ben and other people involved with the expedition. He'll be recording their commentary to the footage so you can get all of the stories right from the people who experienced it first-hand. It won't always be exciting and there will be a lot of bad hair days, but it will be true to the expedition experience and it will always be interesting and entertaining.
Tags: everest mt. mount mountains mountaineering climbing expedition camping hiking backpacking adventure outdoors travel nepal kathmandu katmandhu tibet sherpa yak buddhism hinduism spirituality documentary film video


Bhutan 2014 Aerials Teaser
Alan Arnette Presents Summiting Nepal’s Mana
Episode 197: Tales From The Tent
Episode 196: Welcome to K2
Episode 195: The Broad Peak Summit Push
2014 Everest Trek & Bhutan Tour Announcement
Episode 194: Burning…Stuff
Episode 193: Turn The Lightbulb, Pet The Dog
Episode 192: JENGA!
Episode 191: Landing The MI-17
Episode 190: 5 Dudes in a Tent
Episode 189: Practice Makes Perfect
Episode 188: Throwing Rocks
Episode 187: Concordia
Episode 186: Camp Urdukas
Episode 185: Porter Draft 2010
Episode 184: Off Road Adventures
Episode 183: The Karakoram Highway
Season 6 Introduction: K2 & Broad Peak
Season 6 Update
Episode 182: The End of the 2010 Everest Kangshung
Season 5 Interviews Part 4
Season 5 Interviews Part 3
Season 5 Interviews Part 2
Season 5 Interviews Part 1
Episode 181: Crossing The Beer Line
Kailash 2013 Photo Workshop Announcement
Episode 180: Tong La
Episode 179: Hills, Sky, Clouds, Wooo!
Episode 178: Basecamp Buzzkill
Episode 177: Travel Tips
Episode 176: Langma La
Episode 175: Hiccups & Demons
Episode 174: Snow Day
Episode 173: Camp Mango, Camp Teacup
High Park Fire Update
Episode 172: East Face Bace Camp
Episode 171: Makalu
Episode 170: Scree Happens
Episode 169: Building Bridges
Episode 168: The Kangshung Face
Episode 167: Poolside On The Plateau
Episode 166: See The Forrest For The Trees
Episode 165: Women’s Work?
Episode 164: Better Out Than In
Episode 163: Cash, Candy & Contraband
Episode 162: Lazarus of Lhasa
Episode 161: EVEREST!
Episode 160: Chomolungma National Park
Episode 159: The Maitreya Buddha
Episode 158: The Lhassi Club
Episode 157: The Roger Huff Show
Episode 156: O Canada
Episode 155: Pulse Ox Playoffs
Episode 154: For Your Eyes Only
Episode 153: The Namaste Ninja
Episode 152: HAPE and Red Tape
Episode 151: A Long Way To Travel To See A Friend
Episode 150: Bhaktapur 2010
Episode 149: The Marquardt Scale
Episode 148: A 365-Step Program
Episode 147: “Meet Me In Kathmandu”
Rest of Everest Season 5 Overview: Tibet In 3D
Episode 146: The End Of The 2009 Everest Trek &
2011 Kailash Trek & Photography Workshop Updat
Episode 145: Full Circle
Episode 144: The Gates To Paradise
Episode 143: High Bridge Hijinks
Episode 142: Snot Rocket
Episode 141: The Rest of Jon Miller
Episode 140: Pillow Talk
Episode 139: It’s Just A Phase
Episode 138: Yaks In The Mist
Episode 137: The Agony Of DeFeet
Episode 136: A Rare Opportunity
Bonus Episode: Tips From The Top Floor Everest 201
Live From The Himalayas:
Episode 135: Real Surreal Reality
Episode 134: Shhh…It Happens At Base Camp
Episode 133: Meanwhile On Kala Patthar
Episode 132: An Unbelievable Base Camp Surprise
Episode 131: High Peaks & High Aspirations
Episode 130: A True Living Legend
Episode 129: The Ultimate Sacrifice
Episode 128: Immortalized In Nepal
Episode 127: You CAN Hear Me Now
Episode 126: A Death In The Family
Episode 125: A Sherpa Sense Of Humor
Episode 124: A Change In The Air
Episode 123: Tengboche
Episode 122: Nice Lens, Baby
Episode 121: Sat Phone Conundrum
Episode 120: Namche Bazaar
Episode 119: Stairmasters
Episode 118: Photos Just Don’t Do It…
Episode 117: No Trains, No Planes, No Automobiles
Episode 116: Landing In Lukla
Episode 115: Kathmandu: Exactly The Same…But
Episode 114: Season 4 Introduction, The Highest Ph
Episode 113: Annapurna IV Bonus Interviews
Episode 112: The End Of The Annapurna IV Expeditio
Episode 111: Onward And Downward
Special Announcement: 2010 Everest Trek & Work
Episode 110: The Slog
Episode 109: 2 Steps Up, 5000 Steps Down
Episode 108: Not Bad, Not Good
Bonus Episode: Tips From The Top Floor Everest Tre
Everest Trek 2009 Teaser
Everest Trek 2009 Wrap-Up
Episode 107: Going Up, And Blowing Up
Bonus Episode: Baruntse 2009
Episode 106: Cowboys But not Indians
Episode 105: The Best F****** Cheerleader
Episode 104: A Room With A View
Episode 103: A River Runs Through It
Episode 102: Sweet Dreams
Episode 101: Typically Himalayan
Episode 100: Earn The Turn
Bonus Episode: Ophir To Telluride
Episode 099: Up…To The Bottom
Episode 098: Approaching The End Of The Approach
Episode 097: Hearts Racing, Hearts Aching
Episode 096: The Road (At Least For Now) Less Trav
Episode 095: Beyond Everest, The Annapurna IV Expe
Episode 094: Beyond Everest, The Annapurna IV Seri
Episode 093: The End Of The Tibet 2007 Trek
Episode 092: The Eyes Of Buddha
Episode 091: Out Of The Coulds, Into The Heat
Episode 090: The Shortest Of The Tallest
Episode 089: Dingri, Old Tingri
Episode 088: Goodbye Old Friend
Episode 087: Technical Support
Episode 086: Puja Deja Vu
Episode 085: Good Morning Everest
Episode 084: A Kind of Homecoming
Bonus Episode: Annapurna IV Recap
Episode 083: In The Company Of Giants
Episode 082: The Rest of The Everest
Episode 081: Shegar (New Tingri)
Special Announcement: Everest Trek 2009
Episode 080: You’ve Got To Pick A Pocket Or
Bonus Episode: Annapurna IV
Episode 079: Shigatse
Episode 078: Gyangtse
Episode 077: Finally, Heading Towards Everest
Episode 076: Altitude, Elevation and Elation
Episode 075: Half A World Away
Rest of Everest Special Report: Violence In Lhasa,
Episode 074: News From Home
Episode 073: The Jokhang
Episode 072: Lhasa
Episode 071: Welcome To Tibet
Episode 070: Kathmandu…Again
Episode 069: Pokhara
Episode 068: On The Road
Episode 067: Fixing A Hole
Episode 066: Sew Kathmandu
Episode 065: Close Call…
Episode 064: Sat Phones and Monkeys
Episode 063: A New Beginning
Episode 062: Tibet 2007 Series Introduction
Bonus Episode: Savage Sister, Part 2
Bonus Episode: Savage Sister, Part 1
Episode 061: The End Of The Expedition
Episode 060: Packing Up And Shipping Out
Episode 059: Bartertown
Bonus Episode: Alan Arnette
Episode 058: Puppies and Lamas
Episode 057: Unsung Heros
Episode 056: The Last Hurrah
Episode 055: The Young Ones
Episode 054: A Summit A Day Keeps The Doctor In Pa
Episode 053: …Safe and Sound
Episode 052: Back Home…
Episode 051: A Different Atmosphere
Episode 050: May 22nd, Summit Day
Episode 049: May 21st, Camp 4
Episode 048: May 20th, Camp 3
Episode 047: Onward & Upward
Episode 046: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back
Episode 045: The Russian Concert
Bonus Episode: LUNGevity Team Update
Episode 044: Predicting The Future
Episode 043: 20,000 Leagues Above The Sea
Episode 042: A Day In The Life
Bonus Episode: Tibet 2007 Teaser
Episode 041: “Our Town”
Episode 040: Another Reason For Everest
Episode 039: Reality TV Reality
Bonus Episode: Wild Horses, Part 3
Episode 038: The Wrap Party
Bonus Episode: Wild Horses, Part 2
Episode 037: Base Camp Broadcast
Bonus Episode: Wild Horses, Part 1
Episode 036: The Highest Theater In The World
Episode 035: Picking Up The Pieces
Episode 034: New Friends, Old Weather
Episode 033: Climb On!
Episode 032: French Cooking, Part 2
Episode 031: Weather Report
Episode 030: A Little Help From My Friends
Episode 029: Waiting Out The Weather
Episode 028: “He Was Good Boy”
Episode 027: You’ve Got Mail!
Episode 026: Trouble By The Foot
Episode 025: Back To Base Camp
Episode 024: 7900 Meters
Episode 023: Climbing The North Col
Episode 022: French Cooking, Part 1
Episode 021: ABC FYI
Bonus Episode: The Dalai Lama
Episode 020: Technical Technicalities
Episode 019: The Climb Begins
Episode 018: Yak-Tastic!
Episode 017: Weighing The Expedition
Episode 016: Puja Party and More Packing
Episode 015: The Puja
Episode 014: Calling Karma
Episode 013: Construction and Conversation
Episode 012: A Major Problem
Episode 011: Welcome to Base Camp
Episode 010: All Signs Point to Everest
Episode 009: Tingri Office and Day Spa
Episode 008: The Friendship Highway
Episode 007: A Tibetan Point of View
Episode 006: The Road to Tibet
Episode 005: Shave and a Haircut, 12 Patches
Episode 004: The City of Bhaktapur
Episode 003: Kathmandu, Part 2
Episode 002: Kathmandu, Part 1
Episode 001: Walmart to Kathmandu
Episode 000 Introduction

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