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Chelsea Raflo talks about "Coeducation," her collaborative show with Chris Hamersley, at MINT Gallery in Atlanta, Feb. 12-27, 2011.

Video podcast:Art Relish
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Category: Animation
Description: Art Relish documents and promotes the visual arts around Atlanta by providing first-person artist interviews, news, reviews and event coverage along with a comprehensive calendar and gallery directory of Atlanta’s thriving and diverse art scene. Since 2007.
Tags: art visual atlanta gallery directory exhibition modern contemporary fine artist interview lecture talk


Nexus Award 2013: Lucinda Bunnen
Five Years
"Geolocation: Atlanta" Marni Shindelman & Nate
Marvin Heiferman - ACP Knowledge Series 2012
Todd Selby at Jackson Fine Art in Atlanta
Matthew Pillsbury at Jackson Fine Art
Contemporary Talks: Greg Tate Q&A at ACAC
Contemporary Talks: Greg Tate at ACAC
2012 Walthall Artist Fellow Rachel Stoker
2012 Walthall Artist Fellow Roni Nicole Henderson
2012 Walthall Artist Fellow Hailey Lowe
2012 Walthall Artist Fellow Michael Klapthor
Meg Aubrey, "Domiciled" at whitespace
2012 Walthall Artist Fellow In Kyoung Chun
2012 Walthall Artist Fellow Andre Keichian
2012 Walthall Artist Fellow Bethany Collins
Ashley Anderson Artist Talk on "Shinobi Marilyn"
The Walthall Fellowship at WonderRoot
Martha Whittington: deus ex machina
Cinque Hicks on Criticism
"The Ends," Jason Kofke and Chris Chambers at Beep
Mike Germon, "Bootstrap Paradox"
Song Byeok: From Propagandist to Satirist, Q&A
Song Byeok: From Propagandist to Satirist
2012 Art Papers Auction, at Mason Murer in Atlanta
Arnika Dawkins
"A Brush with Fame" at Pace Academy
Show and Tell at Eyedrum
Benita Carr "Morning Sun" opening
Scott Ingram: Nail Polish Work
Art on the Atlanta BeltLine
Atlanta Celebrates Photography Photobook Fair 2011
ACP Lecture: Zoe Strauss
Atlanta Celebrates Photography Portfolio Review an
ACP 2011 Preview: Atlanta, Past and Present
Scenes from Flux 2011
Hanging Picasso's "Girl Before a Mirror" at the Hi
ACP 2011 Preview: Charlie McCullers
Ryan Nabulsi, "Photo Secession" at Poem 88
Contemporary Talks: Eileen Myles
ACP 2011 Preview: Ryan Flynn
ACP 2011 Preview: Dorothy O'Connor
Creative Lives & Careers: Criticism
Preview: Living Walls, The City Speaks
Quick Look: Perpetual Assembly at Whitespace
Sylvie Fortin, Art Papers Editor-in-Chief
Kerry Skarbakka at Hagedorn Foundation
Chip Simone at the High Museum of Art
Open Studios at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Cente
Carolyn Carr at Jackson Fine Art
Visiting the Atlanta Printmakers Studio
Print Big! at the Atlanta Printmakers Studio
The Good Food Truck
Julie Blackmon at SCAD Atlanta
Yana Dimitrova at Kibbee Gallery
Contemporary Talks: Helen Molesworth at SCAD Atlan
Atlanta Art Now Presentation
Life Support Japan at Jennifer Schwartz
Ben Dashwood at Dewberry Gallery
Esoteric Lore: Visual Storytelling
LIVE: Marina Abramovic at SCAD Atlanta
Rachel Speed at Solomon Projects
Michael Scoggins at Saltworks
Creative Lives & Careers: Art Ecologies
Karen Shacham, "Couples" at Dewberry Gallery
ATHICA: Lizzie Zucker Saltz
Cecelia Kane's Hand to Hand Project
Jim Buonaccorsi's "Don't Forget to Learn, Don't Le
David Hilliard at Jackson Fine Art
Joseph Guay at Jackson Fine Art
David Snyder at Global Health Odyssey
FLUX Impressions 2010
G-CAPP's "It's About Time"
Conversions, Evolutions, and Turning Points
Kendrick Brinson and David Walter Banks at Jennife
Chelsea Raflo and Chris Hamersly at MINT
John Lehr Artist Talk at Hagedorn Foundation Galle
Gyun Hur

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