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Let’s Talk IT: It’s an unfortunate truth that Laptops are stole. Michele Gartner and Nikhil Jain discuss how Intel Anti-Theft Technology can be used to secure laptops, and she gets a demo from Dan Brunton, showing how a laptop can be disabled if it is lost.

Video podcast:Connected Social Media
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Description: Connected Social Media works with the world\'s most innovative companies to tell the stories behind their press releases and their products. Whether you\'re a blogger, a journalist, an investor or an engaged consumer, you\'ll get valuable insights and information from the people behind the people behind the projects that drive modern life - everything from microchips to microfinance, from wifi to disaster recovery. Brilliant, hard-working and dedicated executives, engineers, analysts and entrepreneurs are telling their stories using an ever-increasing toolbox. One of the most exciting developments in recent years is the ability to participate in the dialogue with the companies that are constantly revolutionizing our reality. Join the conversation at
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Intel and Dell Keep Caterham F1 on Track
Northern Michigan University: Anytime, Anywhere Le
PepsiCo: Putting the Fizz into Sales
General Motors: Speeding to Success
IT Best Practices: The Security Poverty Line
The Habit Restaurants: Revolutionizing Operations
IT Business Value: My Connected Life
Deploying Windows 8 on Intel Architecture-based Ta
IT Best Practices: You Are The Security Perimeter
IT Best Practices: People are the Perimeter
BMW: Revving Up the Power with Ultrabook 2 in 1 De
Video: Hackensack University Medical Center: Brin
Erasure Code and Intel Intelligent Storage Acceler
IT Best Practices: The Polarity of Security and Pr
Massively Scalable Cold Storage Solutions from Del
Advantech Introduces 1U Network Appliance & AT
IT Best Practices: Indra and Aena: Flying Higher
Open Compute Storage Servers built by Wiwynn with
Storage Servers from Newisys Using New Intel Atom
Intel and Ericsson are collaborating on using Rang
IT Best Practices: Rethink Privacy
Computacenter: Touching the Future
New Atom Chip, Bay Trail: Great User Experience an
SAND ART: It’s your baby, Protect it!
Big Data and Cloud At the Intersection: Explore ho
Let’s Talk IT: Intel Smart Connect Technology
Let’s Talk IT: Intel Anti-Theft Technology
Shanghai Longhua Hospital: Tablets Make a Healthy
Meredith Corporation: Saving Time and Money with S
Research@Intel 2013: Opening Keynote
Research@Intel 2013: Intelligent Everything
Research@Intel 2013: Personalized Shopping
Research@Intel 2013: Data Society
Research@Intel 2013: Data Communities
Research@Intel 2013: Understand Me
Research@Intel 2013: Visualizing Big Data
Part 2: Understanding the Architectural Changes of
Oracle on Intel for Big Data Systems at OpenWorld
Harvey’s Personal Cloud
Let’s Talk IT: What is vPro
Intel Scale-Out Storage Technologies: Powering Tom
Accelerating Intel’s Growth through IT: Intel I
Part 1: Rethinking Your Storage Infrastructure
If Your Information Could Talk… Cyber-Safety
Daresbury Science and Innovation Campus: World-Lea
WD Sentinel DX4000 Case Study: Freedom Concepts
Big Data Drives Innovation for Automotive Manufact
Intel Atom OEM: QNAP
Intel Atom OEM: Asustor
IDF2012 – Interactive Shopping
IDF2012 – Emotions Through Images
IDF2012 – Situational Sensitive Communicatio
IDF2012 – Display without Boundaries
WD Sentinel DX4000 Case Study: European Auto Works
Research@Intel 2012 Immersive Shopping and Magic M
Research@Intel 2012 Intelligent Video Server
Research@Intel 2012 Seeing Through Rain
Research@Intel 2012 Sustainable Living
Research@Intel 2012 Dynamic Surfaces and Life With
Research@Intel 2012 Automobility Research
Research@Intel 2012 Justin Rattner, Intel CTO Open
New Intel CIO, Kim Stevenson, Shares her Prioritie
The Intel Xeon Processor E5 Family
The Personal Cloud: Network Storage Solutions Sync
IT Best Practices: An Overview on IT Consumerizati
Projected Augmented Reality – Keeping Pace w
Intel and Dell – What is Cloud Computing?
Intel IT – Protect to Enable
Intel and Dell – The Value of Cloud Computin
Tech Wonders: Her Bad Mother
Intel and Dell – IT Reinvention and Cloud Co
2011-2012 Intel IT Performance Report Video with D
Cloud Interoperability: ODCA Usage Model Proof of
Intel Cloud Builders Reference Architecture: Cloud
Craft and Science on Sala-ma-Sond
Intel Cloud Builders Reference Architecture: Fujit
Intel Cloud Builders Reference Architecture: RES S
Columbia Sportswear: SAP in a Private Cloud
Part 4 of 4: Welcome to Wandcom – and
Intel Cloud Builders Reference Architecture: Canon
Intel Tech Wonders: Low Impact, Discovery and Chan
Cloud Connect: John Keaggy on Cloud Computing
Intel Cloud Builders Reference Architecture: Oracl
Cloud Storage & Gigabit Ethernet Solutions fro
Virtualized Mutli-Tenant Data Center Solutions fro
Part 2 of 4: Artist. Philanthropist. Fu
A Tour of Intel IT’s Data Center at Russia
Intel’s Developer Forum (IDF2011) – Di
Intel’s Developer Forum (IDF2011) – Di
NAS: Storage for Home and Small Office
Vintage Tomorrows – What Can Playing With th
Part 1 of 4: Dreams, Work & Gansta’ Geek
Intel Labs: Intel Science and Technology Center fo
Intel Labs: Intel Science and Technology Center fo
The Tomorrow Project: Synthetic Biology
The Tomorrow Project: Computer Security
IT Best Practices: Information Security and Cloud
IT Best Practices: Intel IT Embraces Social Comput and Intel Futurist Brian David Johnson B
IT Best Practices for Migrating to Microsoft Windo

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