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Godliness is explained as 'Good Worship' Romans 12:1-2

Video podcast:Presentations from True2life at Torquay Christian Fellowship
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Description: multimedia presentations and messages from Sundays at a church in the surfing capital of Australia, Torquay. By Chris Rowney
Tags: sermon christian church god jesus bible gospel sermons charismatic evangelical


Pentecost 2014
A Wasteful God?
Everything in Colour 3 - Pathways
Everything in Colour Part 2 - In Him We Live
Everything In Colour Part 1
Christmas in Reverse
Magnificat - Advent 2013
Prepareā€¦ Advent 2013
Travel Tips 2 - Proving Your Identity
Travel Tips - Living the Kingdom
The faces of Facebook...
John 10 Lay Down Life
John 10 Good Shepherd
John 9 Doing the Works of God - You Are Salt &
John 8 Truth will set you Free
John 8:12 I am the Light
John 8 Jesus and our Sin
Learn by Heart
John 6 Feeding 5000
Where neither most nor rust destroy
John 5 Healings
Living Water - Woman at the Well
Five Marks of a Pentecostal Church
Water To Wine
Following Jesus John 1:35-51
Christus Victor - Easter Sunday 2013
Broken By Our Sin
Broken By Example
John 3 - Broken By Birth
30 Years of TCF Inspirational Video
John 2 I saw the light
John 1 - One God in Three
The Gospel - Part 2
The Gospel - Part 1
Altar Well Tent
Advent 3 Receiving
God within reach
What to expect when you're expecting
Doing it all for the glory of God
For God's Glory
By Grace Alone #2
By Grace Alone #1
In Christ Alone #2
In Christ Alone #1
Romans12 #5
Romans12 #4 - Genuine Love
Romans 12 #3 - Building the Body
Romans12 #2 Be Transformed
Romans 12 #1 Worship
LifeGiving 6 Consume or Create
LifeGiving 5 Finances
LifeGiving 3 Thanksgiving
LifeGiving 2 Forgiving
LifeGiving 1 the tree of life
On Being the Bride
On Being a Temple
On Being Family
On Being Sheep
Flavoured or Filled
Handover Service
It is finished - What is finished? Easter Sunday
Mary of Bethany - Palm Sunday 2012
How right and wrong point to God
Daniel 4 - Pride & Humility
Daniel 3 - Faith and Faithfulness
Daniel 2 - Which Kingdom?
Daniel 1 - A life of faith in a pagan world
Light - Colour your world
SUFM - Beach Mission 2012
How to hear from God - Guaranteed
Christmas out of the way - Simeon and Anna
Two Trees at Christmas
Jesus' Family Tree - Matthew 1
The Root of Jesse - Isaiah 11
Christian Surfers induction
Unlimited Growth & Service
Gideon - Faith and Fear
Joshua - As for me and my house
Crossing the Jordan
Ten Commandments
Moses - A reluctant leader
Father's Day 2011
Well, Well, Well
Too much for too little
Taking it to the next Generation
Abraham - Born to touch the other side
Abraham's Test
Giving all You've Got
Abraham - Blessed to be a Blessing
The Covenant with Noah
Made in the Image of God
Colossians2011 6 Wrestling with Prayer
Colossians2011 5 A declaration of Interdependence
Colossians2011 4 Fashion to die for...
Colossians2011 3 - Religion or Faith?
Colossians2011 2 - The Image of God
Colossians2011 1 - the will of God
Easter Sunday 2011
Healing Prayer - authority and surrender
Spiritual Warfare Prayer
Contemplative Prayer
Unanswered Prayer
Confession Prayer
Adoration Prayer
3D Christian
1 Timothy 1
Parable Sower 2010
Parable of the Talents
The Prodigal Son
Parable of the Lost Coin & Lost Sheep
The Parable of the Two Sons
Treasure in Field
Lessons from a Trip to England
Psalm 139 A life in God's hands
From Little Things Sermon
1 John 5:21 Keep yourself from idols
1 John 5:13-20 Assurance
1 John 5:6-12 Steve Brown
1 John 4:11-5:5 Four tests of love
1 John 4:7-19 Show Me Love
1 John 4:1-6 Greater is He that is in you
1 John 2:28 - 3:2 How Great Is God's Love
1 John 2:18-27 Counterfeits
1 John 2:15-17 Do not love the World
1 John 1:8 - 2:2 Sin & Confession
1 John 1:5-7 Light & Darkness
1 John 1:1-4 - This Joy that I Have
GPS Bible Sermon
Members of one body
Consume o rCreate?
Who is this man?
The Boy Jesus at the Temple
Ephesians16 Pray as the Spirit Leads
Ephesians15 The Armour of God
Ephesians14 Love & Respect
Ephesians13a Making the most of opportunities
Ephesians12 Being a Child Bride Ephesians Chapter
Ephesians11 Putting things off
How we got the English Bible
Ephesians10 Living Truth in Love
Ephesians09 Equipping the Saints
Ephesians08 Unity not Uniformity
Psalm 19
Cambodia Trip Report
Ephesians07 God who is able
Ephesians06 Mystery in the Church
Ephesians05 Built into God's Dwelling
Ephesians04 God's Workmanship
Ephesians03 By Grace you are saved
Ephesians02 Spirit of Revelation
Ephesians01 In Him
Meals with Jesus 5 - Fasting
Meals with Jesus 4 - Communion
Meals with Jesus 3 - Pride & Humility
Meals with Jesus 2 - Forgiven
Meals with Jesus 1 - The Wedding at Cana
Christian Intent - Relationships
Managing Money with Christian Intent
Vision & Values
Praying with Christian Intent
Content or Intent?
God Knows
Going to a Party
The Escape to Egypt
The dedication of Jesus - Simeon and Anna
Journeys of Life 9 - Map - FreshBread
Why all the fuss about a baby?
Receiving Gifts
Journeys of Life 8 Moral Compass
Bread Rolls and Pebbles
Journeys of Life 7 Are we there yet?
Journeys of Life 6 Souvenirs
It all goes back in the box!
Journeys of Life 5 Long dark night of the soul
Journeys of Life 4 Baptism
Journeys of Life 3 The Way
Journeys of life 2 - Heaven
Any Questions?
Journey of Life 1 - Starting Out
Something Missing
2 Peter Sermon 8 Love
2 Peter Sermon 7 Friendship
2 Peter Sermon 6 Godliness
2 Peter Sermon 5 Endurance
2 Peter 1 Sermon 4 Self Control
2 Peter 1 Sermon 3 Knowledge
2 Peter 1 Sermon 2 Goodness
2 Peter 1 Sermon 1 Faith
The Wise and Foolish Builders
25th Anniversary Sermon
A Loving God
Pentecost 2008
Easter Sunday 08
Blind Spots
Dangers, Toils and Snares
Change the World
Acts Ch 23
Acts Chapter 19
A Living Faith
Can God speak through a cell phone?
Looking at the unseen
How you look effects how you feel!
Star of Bethlehem
Apostles' Creed - How - I Believe
Apostles' Creed Who - the Church
Creed - he will come again
Why did Jesus die?
Who part 3 - Jesus
Who part 2 - Trinity
Who 1
Apostles' Creed
Praying for Healing with Authority and Surrender
Motivational Gifts Romans 12:6-8
The Parable of the Sower
Add on or Add Up
Acts 14 "What about those who have never hear
Father's Day (Australia) 2007
Lessons from a Lighthouse Part 2
Lessons from a Lighthouse Part 1
Acts 12 Angels?
Living for a Cause
Fear & Courage
Lead us not into Temptation
Acts# 10 - Chapter 9 Paul - Call & Conversion
Acts #9 Philip & Baptism
true2life thanks
Acts 8 - Philip
Dawkins - God Delusion Comments
Mother's Day 07
An Aboriginal Visual Bible Story
Worship Together
Fellowship Together
It Is Finished - looking both ways
Working Together
Reaching out
Better Together
Heart o fWorship Sermon
Love Covers
As for me and my house we will serve the Lord
End of Year from TCF
Life - Virtual or Real?
Acts#7 Stephen & Service
Acts 6 the Full Gospel
Draw the line 2
DrawtheLine 1a
Measuring Up - Right & Wrong?
Father to the Fatherless - being lonely Psalm 68:5
Acts 2:1-12 Filled with the Holy Spirit
Acts 1:1-8 Word, Spirit & WItness
Proof of Identity
Change My Heart O God
Pray the prayers of the New Testament
What is Heaven Like Video
To Be List

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