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Description: Recent short films by Alex Pearl
Tags: video art automaton rotagavin


Date:Thu, 15 May 2014 02:55:22 PDT
Download File:
Description:Benjamin Bridges, Matthew Cowan, Annabel Dover, Debbie Lawson, Cathy Lomax, William Morris, Laura Oldfield Ford, Alex Pearl, Alli Sharma, Mimei Thompson, Mark Titchner, Joel TomlinAlex Pearl, Bungalow, found photograph with transfer, 2014Kelmscott House, 26 Upper Mall, Hammersmith W6 9TA8 June – 26 July 2014Private View: Thursday 12 June, 5-9pmOpening Hours: 8-15 June open daily 2-5pm for ArtsFest, then Thurs and Sat afternoons 2-5pm until 26 July‘… if others can see it as I have seen it, then it may be called a vision rather than a dream.’ William MorrisNews from Nowhere takes its title from William Morris’ utopian novel and vision for a future free from capitalism, alienation and industrialisation. In our current climate of political uncertainty, ‘disappearance’ of the working classes and shifting populations, Morris’ longings for a better world seem more pertinent than ever. Morris became increasingly involved in political activism and founded the Hammersmith Socialist Society, which held Sunday evening lecturers in the Coach House at Kelmscott House, Hammersmith. The location is directly referred to in News from Nowhere and the exhibition will take place in the historic meeting room. Morris also set up carpet looms in the Coach House before moving to Merton Abbey in 1881 and the small rugs and carpets made here are known as Hammersmith rugs. Morris’s uncompromising desire to see an end to mass production and return to small-scale local production seems like a very modern view. His socialism was imbued with environmentalism and understanding of the brutalising nature of the modern city. Whilst his idealised vision may be flawed (in the novel the women do all the housework, bring up the children and serve the men with food), his passion is inspiring and the exhibition will bring into focus his vital message, to dare to dream. Incorporating works from the William Morris Society collection, News from Nowhere picks up the dialogue where ideas about the environment, idealised society, personal longings and dreams for the future continue to yearn, seethe, simmer and provoke.

Title:Blondin at the Falls
Date:Mon, 12 May 2014 12:32:25 PDT
Download File:
Description:Blondin at the Falls is part of a series of works recreating exploits of daring and spectacular escape. Often I have found that postcards commemorating such events have already been produced and occasionally, like mine, a degree of fakery has gone into their making. Blondin first tightroped across Niagara in 1859 cooking an omelette and lowering it to be eaten by the passengers on the Maid of the Mist below. Like so many adventurers there is often a sort of mundanity to their exploits to which I am attracted. My father collects and deals in postcards. He thinks he has about 60,000, my mother says its closer to 100,000. He is not too keen on people knowing this. Shelves of archive boxes edge his study, each filled with scenes of: grim northern towns, famous stars of stage and screen, and dubious humorous sketches. I act like a gleaner picking up the doubles, the damaged and the not so valuable. Often I phone up, asking for airliners of the 1970s, cliff-top hotels or street scenes in Barnsley into which I insinuate a meteorite, a bowling ball, a sub-Cretaceous explosion. Blondin, the blonde 'boy wonder' survived threats of prison, travelled with Barnum and Bailey and died of diabetes in Niagara House;  a simple terrace in Ealing.  As well as Niagara, Blondin also performed his act at Edgbaston Reservoir. 

Title:The past is another planet. They do things differently there.
Date:Tue, 14 Jan 2014 09:58:38 PST
Download File:
Description:I remember reading, or being told, that as we stare into space we are looking into the past, that the light reaching us is centuries old. I had something of this feeling when reviewing my grandfather’s footage. I also recalled images from Star Trek in which the Enterprise would encounter Earth’s past through a viewscreen. I am almost certain that this happened on more than one occasion.Star TrekI decided to project the images from my father’s past onto polystyrene spheres creating new planets or perhaps images reminiscent of the opening scenes of Flash Gordon in which Ming the Merciless targets earth for eventual destruction. Or perhaps I was remembering the camera obscura from A Matter of Life and Death, 1946. Both these images and the many more circular viewscreens of  science fiction create a feeling of separation from their imagery.Alex Pearl, Earth, Digital video, 2013Flash GordonA Matter of Life and Death

Title:“I am in blood stepped in so far that should I wade no more, Returning were as tedious as go o’er.”
Date:Sun, 29 Dec 2013 09:36:26 PST
Download File:
Description:Apropos of nothing, I have long been thinking of making a short film about the hair that regularly sprouts from my nose. In the end I decided to make it in the form of a gif. Things are going roughly to plan for Mothra vs. Gozilla though I have only just learned the lesson (at least where projectors and media players are concerned) that it is foolish to throw good money after bad. 

Date:Sat, 18 Jan 2014 15:11:56 PST
Download File:
Description:I have a date for Mothra vs. Godzilla which will definitely be the title for my solo at Monika Bobinska's new gallery CANAL in HaggerstonCanal60 De Beauvoir CrescentLondon N1 5SBcanalprojectsandeditions@gmail.com0786 606 36631st Feb to 8 March, pv on Saturday 1 Feb 4-6pmhttp://canalprojects.comI quickly dashed out a mailout to special folks with the following rather unrefined text.My father is a collector, my mother is constantly clearing things away. Recently my mother is gaining the upper hand. They have begun to discard more and more things so as not to be a burden to my brother and I when they die. My grandfather's film reels and father’s baby reins are just two of the objects I have saved from the bin. Seeing my dad when he was younger than I am now, was a strange experience for me, akin to the paradoxes of time travel. The images of him in a different era also made me aware of our vulnerability. We are at the mercy of unseen powers. The title of the show references a spate of Japanese monster movies released in the 50s and 60s. It speaks of a futile conflict between ridiculous forces. In addition from the jetsam of my parents’s life the show also gleaned from abandoned objects rescued from a neighbouring derelict house. Its owner, recently deceased, left a lifetime of objects which nobody wanted. 

Date:Wed, 25 Sep 2013 05:22:11 PDT
Download File:
Description:It is slow progress here at Pearl Towers. I am putting together a proposal for a solo show. It is a process that causes immense self doubt. I regularly consider shovelling the whole lot into the road. I am blessed that I live in an area that if anything is left for more than a minute unattended I can be certain it will disappear. There is great community spirit here and a drive to recycle, upcycle or just plain steal anything that is not just screwed down but security bolted to a large concrete block. The house next door, which was being renovated, has stood quiet for a while now. Much of the materials have been carried away by hungry eyed men or my beloved who I found the other day levering up the quarry tiles.

Title:Godzilla vs. Mothra
Date:Thu, 12 Sep 2013 12:34:00 PDT
Download File:
Description:I often write down phrases that I think might be good titles for exhibitions. The list isn't too long but contains such classics as:Godzilla vs. Mothra, a film I have never seen except in stills but one which, I think, is clear about its intentions and content.Smart Casual, a phrase which embodies the absolute terror of uncertainty in two confident words.Let's Go, I've used this, they were Yuri Gagarin's words just before he became the first human in space. He was a master of understatement.It's all gone wrong - this is one of my own personal phrases along with "I must run a bath" and "I should get up" If one day they make an action figure of me pulling the cord in its back will certainly result in a squeaky rendition of one of these haikus of failure.I think I may have been channelling the first title when I made this thing. Crocodile vs Hairbrush

Date:Mon, 09 Sep 2013 08:56:57 PDT
Download File:
Description:I have changed my mind already. Today I have decided to look at the idea that the human is revealed in the failure of the machine. I think I am probably inspired by science fiction (again) and especially those moments when, in breaking down, machines suddenly become more human.

Date:Fri, 06 Sep 2013 02:14:29 PDT
Download File:
Description:One of my video cameras has started filming as if it is under water. I am quite taken with it and may dress up as a frogman and wander the streets of Ipswich. Right now I am trying to do one of three things.Write magazine article on the theme of machines helping us to give up.Write a Phd proposal on avoiding responsibility for artistic production.Write more blogs.The third thing is benefitting from my unwillingness to do the first and utter self confusion at even starting the second. As avoidance techniques go, its a good one. Following on from this I am becoming more and more interested of late in self sabotage. Not long ago my gorgeous partner wrote to a number of residencies, projects and commissions for which I had been unsuccessful. The unanimous response was that I appeared in turn flippant, diffident or down right sarcastic. I found this quite shocking as it was certainly not my intention, though a little project making really bad applications does occur to me. Anyway, I am soon to be attending CBT classes so all this could change.

Title:The Function of Not Planning
Date:Wed, 04 Sep 2013 06:30:25 PDT
Download File:
Description:In a series of new films I am trying to make work that is unplanned and made within the narrowest of confines. These confines range from within a small box to at most 50 metres from my studio. I am in a complete state of unknowing with them. The one pictured above is titled Aquarium.

Title:Next Instalment of The Count of Monte Cristo
Date:Wed, 22 Aug 2012 02:52:31 PDT
Download File:

Date:Sun, 29 Jul 2012 05:54:12 PDT
Download File:

Title:The End of the Future - images
Date:Sun, 29 Jul 2012 05:46:02 PDT
Download File:
Description:Growing moss vignettes at Transition Gallery's ace show The End of the Future 

Date:Tue, 10 Jul 2012 07:44:46 PDT
Download File:
Description:  The End Of The Future Clive Brandon, Matthew Houlding, Sam Knowles, Alex Pearl21 July - 12 August 2012 Preview Friday 20 July 6-9pm Gallery Open Fri - Sun 12 - 6pmUnder the bricks and rubble of the grand Olympic project lie the broken dreams of past utopias. From Ballard to Boris, the grand advance of modernism has been abandoned beneath the dystopian shards.Sam KnowlesOur collective current state of affairs is highlighted by past optimistic proposals such as The Festival of Britain (1951) and post-war building programmes with essentially socialist drives to improve society which are in stark contrast to the regeneration schemes and public finance initiatives, which now embody the failures of both late capitalist Conservatism and New Labour.Alex PearlMatthew HouldingThe End of the Future coincides with the London Olympics, for some a positive affirmation of the highest ideals, for others a cynical corporate scheme with the veneer of regeneration. The four participating artists look back at lost ideals and eras of optimism and present these though a haze of nostalgia for a future that never materialised and a knowing acceptance of failure.Clive BrandonTransition Gallery Unit 25a Regent Studios 8 Andrews Road, London E8 4QN Directions

Title:Bread and Roses
Date:Fri, 11 May 2012 08:20:04 PDT
Download File:
Description:New work on show at Motorcade/Flashparade, Bristol.

Title:LET'S GO!
Date:Fri, 11 May 2012 08:17:47 PDT
Download File:
Description:My new solo in Northampton titled from the words of the great Yuri Gagarin!

Title:S1 Salon
Date:Thu, 08 Mar 2012 08:50:51 PST
Download File:

Title:Cress Goes on Tour!
Date:Tue, 06 Dec 2011 11:10:53 PST
Download File:

Title:November Pavillions
Date:Wed, 16 Nov 2011 08:34:59 PST
Download File:
Description:The LinkNORWICHAn exhibition of work for saleby over 50 contemporary artistsPreviewFriday 18 November 6 – 9pmOpenSaturday 19 – Sunday 27 November12noon – 6pmPitt StreetNorwichNR3 1DE

Title:Artists Talking Event at Peckham Space
Date:Wed, 16 Nov 2011 08:28:40 PST
Download File:
Description:Here's the link To blog or not to blog?, Peckham Space, London17 November, 5-7pmContact or 020 7358 9645 to bookBoth Alex Pearl and Aliceson Carter will be presenting at the third Artists talking event. Cannily timed to coincide with Sonia Boyce's exhibition 'Network', the talk will launch an ongoing partnership with Peckham Space. It will also draw in Camberwell College's Enterprise Week, thus demonstrating again the broad networking potential of the blogosphere. I'll be there, I wont be wearing a suit.

Title:The Next Count
Date:Tue, 13 Sep 2011 03:34:48 PDT
Download File:
Description:The next chapter of The Count of Monte Cristo goes on show at the Folkestone Triennial (fringe) on the 16th - 17th September at the B&B project space. The show will change throughout the day.

Title:Creative Machines / Minamalist Sculpture
Date:Sat, 27 Aug 2011 10:29:00 PDT
Download File:
Description: I shall be showing some Automatic Films at this event in Birmingham22 October - 30 October  2011  Off site group exhibition : Creative Machines / Minimalist Sculpture Birmingham and London exhibition collaborationTrove Projects and Minnie Weisz Studio. The Event Festival 2011 : Curzon St Station,

Title:Pulp Fictions
Date:Sat, 27 Aug 2011 10:22:15 PDT
Download File:
Description:Transition Gallery PULP FICTIONS - curated by Cathy Lomax3 - 25 September 2011    Gallery Open: Fri–Sun 12-6pmPreview: Friday 2 Sep 6-9pmLook at all these people in it!Phillip AllenKirsty BuchananLindsey BullRuby CedarJake ClarkGary ColcloughAnnabel DoverTracey EasthamJeremy EvansStephen HarwoodSam KnowlesLaura LancasterHayley LockCathy LomaxAlex MichonAlex Gene MorrisonKathryn NewmanGary O'ConnorAlex PearlRachel PottsEmma PuntisMatt RoweRobert RushAlli SharmaCorinna SpencerEmma TalbotMimei ThompsonVirginia VerranJessica VoorsangerMary WestMark WheatleyTeresa Whitfield

Title:Installation shots
Date:Mon, 23 May 2011 08:11:13 PDT
Download File:
Description:Here are a couple of installation shots of my work for Monika Bobinska's "The Man Who Fell to Earth" opening on 9th June. Come along it will be a great show. (full details below)

Title:The Man Who Fell to Earth
Date:Fri, 20 May 2011 06:42:45 PDT
Download File:
Description:a Monika Bobinska project   The Man Who Fell to EarthAlex Gene Morrison    Adam King   Jost Münster    Alex Pearl    Karen Seapker4-25 June 2011Jens Hills, Penthouse (Unit 40), SoDa Studios  0786 606 3663open Saturdays 12-6pm or by appointmentPrivate view: Thursday 9 June 6-9pm Vanish | Alex Gene Morrison | courtesy of the artist and Charlie Smith LondonMonika Bobinska is pleased to present the first of two group exhibitions at Jens Hills London. The shows will utilise the interior and exterior spaces of the distinctive 8th floor penthouse at SoDa Studios, with its panoramic views extending over the city.The Man Who Fell to Earth explores the ‘otherworldly’, against a backdrop of new and post modernisms, the discourses of science fiction and of global events.Alex Gene Morrison’s nuanced paintings employ a highly personalised language to engage with a universal cosmology, whilst referencing retro-futuristic science fiction cinema and the lofty ideals of suprematism.Adam King’s collages and assemblages compose new worlds which speak of cultural myth and invented narratives, and pastoral traditions in the context of an urban consumerist culture. Jost Münster’s two and three dimensional works inhabit a fragile territory between abstraction and figuration, the observed and the imagined. A delicate use of colour, and a subtle ordering of forms and materials is combined with an ongoing engagement with the material world and its dynamics.    Alex Pearl’s humorous works typically convey a sense of the improvised, the accidental, eternally on the brink of failure or collapse. His recent sculptures, ‘DIY apocalypses’ created from expanding builders’ foam, seem to have an unruly, malevolent life of their own.Karen Seapker’s figurative paintings combine dynamic brush strokes with a deft use of colour and black-and-white, her language of visual slippage suggesting both nostalgia and a sense of the unsettling distance between memory and fact.For more information, please contact Monika Bobinska on 0786 606 3663 or mail@monikabobinska.comNEXT EXHIBITION – Savernake: the spirit of the place     2-31 July 2011    Private view 7 Thursday       

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