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Description: Media Ventures is an adventure video production company that specializes in adventure films.
Tags: adventure extreme kayak whitewater climbing mountaineering everest aconcagua cho oyu


Title:Yangmolong climb
Date:Sun, 06 Dec 2009 18:00:00 CST
Download File:
Description:2009 climb of China's Yangmolong and Dangchezhengla peaks

Title:Mount Everest
Date:Sun, 15 Feb 2009 18:00:00 CST
Download File:
Description:The 2001 British American Lightweight Everest Expedition

Title:Ski Jumping
Date:Wed, 11 Feb 2009 11:30:00 CST
Download File:
Description:Ski jumping competition in Bloomington Minnesota.

Title:Journey through China
Date:Sat, 29 Nov 2008 11:30:00 CST
Download File:
Description:For two months Tim Boelter and Asu traveled throughout China gathering footage of life and landscape in this remarkably diverse country. This video shows their route and gives s a snapshot of footage taken along the way.

Title:Mustagata Climb
Date:Sat, 30 Aug 2008 15:30:00 CST
Download File:
Description:Tim Boelter climbed China's Mustagata in July of 2008. This is the first footage from the climb, and from the upcoming film.

Title:China's earthquake zone
Date:Sun, 10 Aug 2008 15:30:00 CST
Download File:
Description:On July 28, 2008 Jon Otto and Tim Boelter visited the earthquake stricken city of Dujiangyan in the Sichuan Province of southwest China. In just two and a half months the city is on the mend.

Title:Higher Ambitions Trailer
Date:Sun, 23 Jul 2006 15:30:00 CST
Download File:
Description:Embark on an exciting tale of adventure where setbacks and obstacles are overcome and history is made on one of China's most challenging peaks.

Date:Wed, 19 Mar 2008 18:00:00 CST
Download File:
Description:Recent world events inspired us to share these images of the people and culture of Tibet.

Title:China's Silk Road
Date:Mon, 10 Mar 2008 18:00:00 CST
Download File:
Description:Tim Boelter spent a month traveling the northern and southern Silk Road in China capturing images of the people and places he encountered along the way.

Title:Chengdu, China
Date:Fri, 21 Apr 2006 18:00:00 CST
Download File:
Description:A look inside Chengdu, China from the film Higher Ambitions.

Title:Frostbite on the Mountain
Date:Sat, 4 Feb 2006 12:30:00 CST
Download File:
Description:During a climb of China's Siguiang, a climber suffers from severe frostbite and seeks medical help. This is behind-the-scenes footage seen only in this vodcast. WARNING: This video contains graphic scenes of frostbite.

Title:Cho Oyu, West of Everest
Date:Sun, 15 Jan 2006 19:30:00 CST
Download File:
Description:Climb the 6th highest mountain in the world.

Title:Aconcagua: The Roof of the Americas
Date:Sun, 15 Jan 2006 20:00:00 CST
Download File:
Description:Climb Cerro Aconcagua, the highest mountain in the Western Hemisphere.

Title:Fluid Dynamics
Date:Sun, 15 Jan 2006 12:00:00 CST
Download File:
Description:Meet a group of midwest kayakers and learn what drives these athletes to take risks for the sport they love.

Date:Sun, 15 Jan 2006 18:00:00 CST
Download File:
Description:See a complilation of action sports.

Title:People and Places
Date:Sun, 15 Jan 2006 19:00:00 CST
Download File:
Description:Beautiful cinematography of the world's people and places.

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