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Description: TV show featuring activites at SF cons local to the Boston area.
Tags: science fiction scifi con fandom


Title:SFF_057: FRINGE
Date:28 Feb 2011 13:33:54 GMT
Download File:
Description:Panel discussion at BOSKONE 48 on the TV show FRINGE. Panel members: Bob Devney, Jim Mann, Laurie Mann and Dan Kimmel.

Title:SFF_056: STEAMPUNK: What it is, What it isn't
Date:29 Dec 2010 02:29:46 GMT
Download File:
Description:Panel discussion at ARISIA 2010. Panel members: Nightwing Whitehead, Barbara Pugliese, Raven Stern, Mario DiGacomo, Stormwolf NOTE: this episode is on YouTube, not on my server in Real Player

Title:SFF_055: Bad Science on TV
Date:29 Dec 2010 02:28:17 GMT
Download File:
Description:At BOSKONE 47 panelists Jordin T. Kare, Chad Orzel discuss how TV and the movies do such a bad (and occasionally a somewhat better) job with representing science and what it can and can not do.

Title:SFF_054: My Fandom's Not Dead Yet!
Date:9 Aug 2010 13:12:50 GMT
Download File:
Description:Panel discussion at ARISIA 2010: Description from the program guide … Face it – your show’s canceled and it’s not coming back. There’s not going to be a sequel to that movie. It’s dead, Jim! So how do you keep the fandom alive? Does the release of new merchandise and the re-issued super collector’s edition DVD mean there’s still hope for more? Would you accept comic book, novels, or a “Battlestar Galactica” – style “reimagining” instead? Does it ever become time to just move on? (Heresy!) Panel members: Daniel Miller, Victoria Janssen, Cynthia A. Shettle, Melissa Honig, and James Zavaglia.

Title:SFF_053: Fangs For The Memories
Date:3 Jul 2010 01:39:20 GMT
Download File:
Description:Panel discussion at ARISIA 2010. Description from the program guide ...What makes "True Blood" distinctive among movies and TV shows about vampires? Is it just an "alternate lifestyle?" Can't we all just get along? And why are vampires so hot right now? Is this the best of the best, or do they have some toothy competition? Panel members: Misty Pendragon, Amiee Bouchard, Susan Hanniford Crowley, Mark L. Amidon, Karen Purcell DVM

Title:SFF_052: Interview with Mike Dougherty of the fan film BROWNCOATS REDEMPTION
Date:1 Jun 2010 16:58:03 GMT
Download File:
Description:From the Brighton / Allston Hellmouth studios outside of Boston, MA the May 22, 2010 episode of Sci Fi Saturday Night with special guest Michael Dougherty, Producer / Director of the upcoming Firefly universe fan film BROWNCOATS REDEMPTION.

Title:SFF_051: The Best Science Fiction Of 2009
Date:26 Apr 2010 13:23:37 GMT
Download File:
Description:Description from the ARISIA 2010 program schedule: "Description from the ARISIA 2010 program schedule. "What's outstanding in SF this year? Discuss the books and short fiction you're likely to hear about as nominations for Hugos and other awards for 2009 are made. What might you miss without the recommendations from our panelists?" Panel members: Panel members: Gardner Dozois, James L. Cambias, Alexander Jablokov, Candra Gill Also available as a mp3 audio file

Title:SFF_050: The Ethics Of First Contact
Date:7 Apr 2010 16:01:09 GMT
Download File:
Description:Description from the Boskone 47 pocket program: First Contact between humans and aliens is one of the lasting tropes of SF. "Lasers first" or "We come in Peace"? Sometimes the advanced aliens contact us primitive humans, and sometimes space-faring humans are doing the contacting. But once contact has happened, what is the moral dimension? Should an advanced race always hide itself from markedly less advanced races for fear of stunting their natural growth? Can it ever be moral to leave individuals in primitive poverty simply in hopes that their descendants might one day develop their own culture? Is the Prime Directive nothing but heartless selfishness? Can advanced peoples colonize a planet inhabited by primitives and live in peace with them? Is there any right answer here? Are there any useful object lessons from Terran history? Walter H. Hunt (m), Paul Levinson, Allen M. Steele, Vernor Vinge

Title:SFF_049: Keynote Speech at Boskone 47 .. Tom Shippey
Date:22 Feb 2010 16:22:22 GMT
Download File:
Description:Description from the pocket program: “Our Special Guest looks back on 50 rewarding years of being a SF fan, and 40 much less rewarding years of being a professor of English, and asks: what created SF? And what made it so different, and so fascinating? It’s no good asking the professors. SF has produced a string of visions, shared and developed by a host of authors, but some of these are now running out of conviction (like NASA). What could give SF a boost? Are we looking at ‘Day Million’ or ‘The Dying Earth’?”

Title:SFF_048: Welcome To The Dollhouse
Date:21 Jan 2010 17:12:02 GMT
Download File:
Description:Discussion panel at ARISIA 2010. Description from the program book: "Did "Dollhouse" improve in its second season before being canceled? Why has this been such a hard sell for audiences that loved Joss Whedon's earlier show, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer?" Should people be able to give up responsibility for their actions by renting their bodies out?" Panel members: Misty Pendragon, Howard G. Beatman, Mark L. Amidon, Brenna Levitin & Eric "In The Elevator" Zuckerman.

Title:SFF_047: Can't Stop The Serenity, Boston, 2009
Date:18 Sep 2009 20:10:32 GMT
Download File:
Description:Every year, around Joss Whedon's birthday, fans of the cancelled TV show FIREFLY get together and view the feature film SERENITY. Moneys raised go to Joss's favorite charity EQUALITY NOW. This is the Boston showing at the Coolidge Corner Theatre in Brookline, MA.

Title:SFF_046: We Want It On DVD!
Date:17 Aug 2009 15:59:06 GMT
Download File:
Description:From the ARISIA 2009 con: "There are so many cool genre shows and movies that aren't available on disk -- yet. Some of them may NEVER be available on DVD. Why?

Title:SFF_045: 15 Years Of Babylon 5
Date:9 Jul 2009 13:04:41 GMT
Download File:
Description:Panel discussion at Arisia 2009 ... "It's been 15 years ... how has B5 changed SF on TV? B5 pioneered CGI, long-arc storytelling, and a novel-for-TV concept" Panel members: Hugh Casey, Michael A. Burstein, James Zavaglia and The Marvelous MERV

Title:SFF_044: Alternate Worlds of SF ( SF pulp fiction in the US and UK)
Date:24 May 2009 17:33:10 GMT
Download File:
Description:Description from the Boskone 46 program guide: "What if Frankenstein hadn't been published? If Star Wars came out the day the Challenger exploded? If Heinlein had been a woman? What other interesting branchpoints can we imagine in the history of our genres themselves, and what would the alternative SF, fantasy, or horror scenes look like today?" Panel members: Jane Jewell, Don D'Ammassa, Darrell Schweitzer, Fred Lerner, Lawrence Schoen and Farah Mendlesohn.

Title:SFF_043: Arisia 09 Masquerade contest
Date:19 May 2009 18:42:14 GMT
Download File:
Description:The Arisia 2009 Masquerade contest with your "Monster of Ceremonies", Marty Gear. This video is about 1 hr 30 min long.

Date:21 Apr 2009 20:24:44 GMT
Download File:
Description:Description from the ARISIA 09 Program Guide: ""This is one of the world's hottest SF programs. Is it the cutting edge, or did it jump the shark with the shocking ending?" .. (of season two) Panel members: Samantha Dings, Robert Hafner, Toni Lay, & Jennifer Pelland

Title:SFF_041: Pushing Daisies
Date:22 Mar 2009 13:07:00 GMT
Download File:
Description:Description from the ARISIA 09 program guide: "Picasso siad, 'Good artists copy; great ones steal.' Pushing Daisies wears its influences openly... and yet transcends them and achieves something utterly original." Panel members: Mimi Noyes, Sonya Taaffe, Eric M. Van, Michael A. Burstein & Nomi S. Burstein

Title:SFF_040: Global Warming: Facts and Myths
Date:4 Mar 2009 18:58:11 GMT
Download File:
Description:Panel at Boskone 46. Last year the sea ice grew, reversing a trend. Gobal warming is proven, but how bad can it be, really? And would it be so terrible to someday have no snow for Boakone?

Title:SFF_039: The Appeal of the Lawless Elite
Date:2 Jan 2009 21:40:10 GMT
Download File:
Description:Panel discussion at BOSKONE 45. Description from the program guide: Quote from panel member Patrick Nielsen Hayden .. "Much of the genre works by appealing to our wish that the world's extra-legal violence be under the control of the kind of smart people we admire. The second Foundation and the X-Men -- and, for that matter, the Scooby Gang and the Laundry --- are all, to some extent, basically the Ku Klux Klan, except that the extrajudicial violence they carry out is (we're assured) merited and just."

Title:SFF_038: Battlestar Galactica: Endings -- Roll Your Own
Date:8 Dec 2008 16:39:01 GMT
Download File:
Description:Panel discussion at BOSKONE 45. Description from the Program Guide: "Looks like we may never get an official end to the series. But hey, we're SF fans: we'll make one (heck, several) up. Conversation may also include but should not be limited to discussion of how BSG is (was) the awesomist esseff teevee evah!" Panel members: MaryAnn Johanson, Jennifer Pelland, Michael A. Burstein, Jeffrey A. Carver, and Craig Shaw Gardner Also available as a mp3 audio file

Title:SFF_037: Tunguska at 100
Date:27 Oct 2008 15:16:33 GMT
Download File:
Description:Panel discussion at Boskone 45 about the explosion 100 years ago over the Siberian forest in Russia. Panel members: Chad Orzel, Jeff Hecht, and Brother Guy Consolmagno

Title:SFF_036: Harry Potter: Movies vs Books
Date:20 Oct 2008 18:52:53 GMT
Download File:
Description:Panel discussion at Arisia 08. Panel members:Michael Sharrow, MaryAnn Johanson, Susan Hanniford Crowley, jan howard finder (The Wombat), and Resa Nelson

Title:SFF_035: 10 Years of StarGate
Date:30 Sep 2008 23:19:14 GMT
Download File:
Description:Panel discussion at Arisia 2008. A discussion and farwell to StarGate SG1 Panel members: Terri Osborne, MaryAnn Johanson & James T. Henderson Jr.

Title:SFF_034: Does Star Trek have a future?
Date:15 Sep 2008 13:27:39 GMT
Download File:
Description:Panel discussion at 3 Pi-Con, August 2008 in West Springfield, MA.

Title:SFF_033: Firefly - The Best Series In The Verse
Date:26 Aug 2008 12:23:08 GMT
Download File:
Description:Panel at 3 Pi-Con in West Spingfield, MA. Panel includes Keith R.A. DeCandito, author of the novel SERENITY.

Title:SFF_032: Swordplay Thru The Ages
Date:19 Aug 2008 15:12:52 GMT
Download File:
Description:Demonstration by members of the Higgins Armory Sword Guild, Worcester, MA at Boskone 45 showiing the different types of swords and different techniques used with them.

Title:SFF_031: Why Don't We Believe in UFO's?
Date:27 Jul 2008 15:06:53 GMT
Download File:
Description:Panel at Boskone 45. Why is it that SF fans take a *lot* more convincing to believe that UFO's are really space thips from other worlds? Panel members: Glenn Grant, Eric M. Van, Jennifer Dunne & F. Brett Cox

Title:SFF_030: Can't Stop the Serenity 08 Boston and Modern SF&F Radio Drama in N.E.
Date:17 Jul 2008 12:21:21 GMT
Download File:
Description:Part 1 .. the annual Boston screening of the movie Serenity to raise money for Joss Whedon's favorite charity, and also a local charity, The Greater Boston Food Bank. Part 2 .. panel at Arisia 08, MODERN SF&F RADIO DRAMA IN NEW ENGLAND.  The producers of several New England based audio theatre discuss their work and the medium's viability for sci-fi, fantasy, and horror storytelling.

Title:SFF_029: What is LARP, and why would I want to do it?
Date:17 Jun 2008 14:22:08 GMT
Download File:
Description:Panel discussion at ARISIA 08. A look into LARP for new folks, what it is, how it is done by some folks, and where to find (Boston area) LARPs of various kinds. Panel members: Anna Bradley, Chad Bergeron, Mark Waks, John Bacon & Michael Ventrella.

Title:SFF_028: Mind if we pick your brraains? The Zombie Panel
Date:4 Jun 2008 17:42:59 GMT
Download File:
Description:Panel discussion at Boskone 45. Description from the program directory: "Suddenly the undead are all around us. Last year a top-selling comic featured a zombie Spider-Man. Brad Pitt and J. Michael Straczynski are said to be bringing to life a movie of Max Brooks's zombie apocalypse novel World War Z. The spring Zombie Walk to Harvard Square in Cambridge, MA gets bigger every year. If you know anything about this, please help us answer a few questions. Where did this zombie idea come from? Why such staggering popularity? What do zombies really want? Hey, why are you looking at us like that? Panel members: Seanan Mcguire, Sonya Taaffe, John Langan, Michael Swanwick & Bob Eggleton. Also available as a mp3 file

Title:SFF_027: The Living Dead
Date:25 May 2008 18:02:34 GMT
Download File:
Description:Panel discussion at ARISIA 08. Description from the program schedule: Forty years after George Romero gave us NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, his zombies still walk among us in remakes, new films from Romero himself, and astonishing recent movies from other ranging from SHAWN OF THE DEAD to 28 WEEKS LATER. Why is this SF/Horror subgenre so enduring? What are it's classics and which are merely the walking dead? Panel members: Michael A. Horne, Garen Daly, Tim Lieder, & Adam Lipkin. Also available as mp3 file.

Title:SFF_026: Non-Genre Films that Fans Love
Date:30 Apr 2008 13:14:33 GMT
Download File:
Description:Panel discussion at ARISIA 2008. Description from the program schedule: "There's nothing fantastic about MEMENTO, but it somehow feels like science fiction. What other realist movies are especially attractive to fans of SF and fantasy? What are the qualities that make them feel like genre? Panel members: Julie Tenney, Sonya Taaffe, Eric M. Van & Adam Lipkin. Link to mp3 and list of films discussed at

Title:SFF_025: The Rise of Modern Science
Date:3 Apr 2008 17:20:42 GMT
Download File:
Description:Panel discussion at Boskone 45. Description from the program schedule: "What happened in the Middle Ages which lead to the rise of modern science? Why did it happen first in Europe and not elsewhere? How did science grow if the Middle Ages were really an "age of faith" without reason?" Panel members: Michael F. Flynn, Brother Guy Consolmagno, and John Farrell also available as an mp3 audio file

Title:SFF_024: Will 2008 Be The Year When eBooks Make It?
Date:1 Mar 2008 13:19:56 GMT
Download File:
Description:Panel discussion at Boskone 45. eBooks are Electronic Books. They have been around for years but are getting increasingly popular. A number of dedicated eBook readers are now being sold. What issues remain to prevent wide adoption? If 2008 isn't the year, just what is still needed for eBooks to be a success? Panel members: Don D'Ammassa, Charles Stross, Darlene Marshall, and Ellen Asher.

Title:SFF_023: Debate: Star Wars vs Star Trek: Looking Deeper
Date:29 Jan 2008 20:02:45 GMT
Download File:
Description:Debate panel at the 2008 Arisia con. Description from the Pocket Program: "This panel is one of the new debate panels at Arisia. It is built around the question of which series had a more profound mpact on society at large and fannish society in particular. As with all such debates, the question is unanswerable, but it gives us a wonderful way to deeply explore a very interesting question." Panel members: Star Wars side: Ian Randal Strock, Hugh Casey, MaryAnn Johanson (moderator), Star Trek side: Jeff Warner & Jim Zavaglia.

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