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Title:Welcome To MacWorld Expo 2009
Date:Tue, 06 Jan 2009 10:39:12 PST
Download File:
Description:All the news coming up over the next 4 days.iLife '09 late January.iWork '09 today.Both in Mac Box Set for $169 later this month.New 17" MacBook Pro with1920x 1200 LED Backlit Screen140° Horizontal by 120° Vertical Viewing Angle700:1 Contrast Ratio60% Greater Color Gamut$50 Anti-Glare option8 hour non-removable batteryUp to 8GB 1066 MHz DDR3 RAMUp to 256GB Solid State DriveNVidea GeForce 9600M GTFirewire 8002.66GHz Nelham C2D processorNew iTunes News.

Title:10.7.07 New iPhone Ad Man Uses Mobile Safari To Save The Day
Date:Sun, 07 Oct 2007 17:02:49 PDT
Download File:
Description: Click to Play In QuickTime Player Man explains how he used his iPhone to get info he needed at a dinner party.Formats available: MPEG4 Video (.mp4)Tags: iphone, apple, safari, advertising, ads

Title:10.7.07 New iPhone Ad 4 In 1
Date:Sun, 07 Oct 2007 16:53:57 PDT
Download File:
Description: Click to Play In QuickTime Player Man explains how iPhone replaces his iPod, digital camera and two mobile phones. HD Source.Formats available: MPEG4 Video (.mp4)Tags: iphone, advertising, ads, apple

Title:Sony HDR-HC7 Illinois Snow Neighborhood HDV Master Reduced To iPod Compatible Size
Date:Sat, 10 Feb 2007 01:31:33 PST
Download File:
Description:Watch the videoExample of footage from the new Sony HDR-HC7 HDV Video Camera which just arrived in stores this week. Shot by Jeremy from the Sony HDR-HC7 Forum in a suburb of Chicago 2.8.07. Thank you Jeremy. 14 second original H.264 export of native 1440x1080 HDV file from Final Cut Express HD was 165 MB. I ripped a DVD image from it with Toast 8 then crushed to a maximum iPod compatible size with Handbrake leaving only 4.2 MB. Still looks pretty darned good don't you think? Taylor Barcroft Santa Cruz CA

Date:Thu, 27 Jul 2006 10:50:43 PDT
Download File:
Description:NBC "iPod Nation - Core Values" Steve Jobs Humble Innovator On To The Next Big Thing Watch the video Part 2 of Brian Williams' interview with Steve Jobs last Friday May 19, 2006 just before the doors opened on the new 5th AV Apple Store with the CUBE on the plaza of the GM building. Medium resolution @ 1000kbps iPod compatible.

Date:Fri, 19 May 2006 18:27:49 PDT
Download File:
Description:Steve Jobs At New 5th Avenue 58th Street Apple Store Watch the video Steve Jobs At New 5th Avenue 58th Street Apple Store speaks with Brian Williams on NBC Nightly News. Part one of a series of Jobs moments to be featured next week on NBC Nightly News.

Title:CES 2006 Ellen-Gineering
Date:Sat, 06 May 2006 14:47:41 PDT
Download File:
Description:Dailymotion blogged videoCES.Ellen-GineeringVideo sent by FutureMediaEllen DeGeneres performs for the attendees of the Consumer Electronics Show January 5-8, 2006. This is too hilarious to pass up. 5 minuites of non-stop laughter. Ellen is the world's funniest person. Queen of Comedy at the moment.

Title:CBS-Rocketboom Part of CSI-"Killer" 2.2.06 Air Date by Jerry Bruckheimer
Date:Sun, 12 Mar 2006 16:08:08 PST
Download File:
Description: <a href="http://not-a-real-namespace/" target="_blank"><img src=""></a>Click on Image to Watch Video in QuickTime Player.Last night on CBS' #1 show on all of TV, CSI, Amanda Congdon appeared in a FAKE Rocketboom from above the Las Vegas Strip warning the locals not to go where two were recently murdered in the same evening. You can't buy this kind of publicity. Yes it's not a REAL Rocketboom episode. And neither are the murders REAL. This is another classic moment in the evolution of Video Blogging and product placement publicity. Congratulations Amanda and Andrew Baron of Rocketboom and thank you Jerry Bruckheimer, Executive Producer, for placing them inside an episode.This is from an EyeTV2 EyeTV 500 HDTV source recording and is Video iPod compatible. Original was 136 MB and this is 3 MB.

Title:1.06.06 San Francisco MacWorld Expo SteveNote
Date:Wed, 11 Jan 2006 09:56:52 PST
Download File:
Description:Link to the Video of entire presentation at this Apple Page.Product details at the Apple Site.Transcript from SteveNote - Steve Jobs Keynote, San Francisco Macworld Conference & ExpoRetail Update135 Shops around the world. 26 million visitors during holiday quarter. Retail stores had their first $1 billion quarter this past quarter. Total revenues 5.7 billion total.Now let's talk about the iPod."best music players in the world". 4.5 milliion sold during holiday 2004, for 2005 holiday sold 14 million. Over 100 sold every minute through the quarter. 42 total million iPods sold since the it was first released. 32 million in 2005. Now on to iTunes...850 million songs sold. 3 million songs a day are being sold. Over 1 billion songs per year rate. 83% market share. Television show sales doing well. 8 million sold since Oct 12th. Added bowl games. showing Bowl Games demo. New Saturday Night Live content going up today. Demo of SNL content. blues brothers, coneheads etc... Announcing a new accessory for the iPod. a remote control with FM Tuner. Works with current models. New radio screen on the iPod to tune radio through the iPod screen. $49.Discussing Dodge Jeep iPod integration. New iPod Ad for. Sillohettes, jazz trumpet.Now to the Mac, which is what the rest of the keynote is about... (applause)Reviewing/recapping Aperture. Aperture is to the camera as Final Cut Pro is to Video. Demo video for Aperture. Video: discussing experience with Aperture and demoing product. More video testaments, football, wedding photos. talking about working with RAW video. Video ends.Now talking about Widgets. There are over 1500 Widgets. New widgets today. Mac OS X 10.4.4 today: google widget, new address book, espn ,calendar.Now talking about iLife '06. Picture of box with roll of film on it. Music, Movies, Photos, Blogs. Giant released. New iPhoto Update with better speed. 25k photos up to 250k in library, scrolls smoothly, full screen editing, One click effects. sepia, black and white, all new cards, calendards and books to make and purchase. hard and softcover books quality is better. Now calendaars can be made with photos. Can also make cards, post cards, birthday cards. New today - Photocasting. Podcasting for photos. share photos over the internet. Pick an album ,push a button, photos uploaded to .Mac. Password protected. Other people can subscribe to them. Must be a .Mac member to publish and you use RSS to subscribe to receive the photos. Demoing iPhoto now. When you scroll through photos, a gray box of the month # floats in the middle as you pass months by. Demoing editing photo. 1click effects, changing color, antigue, sepia, in a few clicks. Showing cards, calendars. Showing how to make a birthday card. Deming making a calendar, click on an album, can have it more than 12 months. show special holidays. special u.s. events. Can drop a picture on a special date (birthday for example).Now on to Photocasting...Demoing Photocasting. picking pictures, click on Publish to upload to .Mac. Choose to Announce, and brings up mail to email to people. When you receive the email, you click on the RSS link and it launches iPhoto and receives the photo. But apparently, you don't need iPhoto to receive the photos... it's just an RSS feed.Now onto iMovie... HD last year.Animated themes for movies, real time effects, new audio tools. Moving to iMovie demo. Can open more than one project at once, realtime effects in titles, export to iPod and create Video Podcasts. Demoing iMovie now. Showing a movie with a Theme. Overall looks much improved. now demoing College Road trip video. iMovie Demo over.Next Up... iDVD. Widescreen menus. Magic iDVD, new. Choose theme, drop movies in, drop in photos and click on button. Vastly improved slideshows. 3rd party DVD burners supported.Garageband. New podcast studio. Podcast artwork track. over 200 free jingles and effects. speech enhanccer. use iChat for remote interviews. Steve demoing Garageband with Podcast studio now. Recording - "Hi, I'm Steve, welcome to my podcast of Super Secret Apple Rumors". he's got "Pretty good sources in Apple". Dragging artwork, demoing making a podcast. Demo over. Final Podcast played. rumor of "8 pound iPod with 10" screen" :) New Jampack, world music. Great 5 apps in iLife... but something new...New App to share photos, movies, music, blogs, content... iWeb. Easy and beautiful. Apple templates. iLife media browser with access to your content. online photo albums. one click publishing to .Mac. Themes. create in seconds. update whenever you like. RSS subscriptions. 1 click publish. Any browser can view it. iWeb demo now. Slideshow viewer uses AJAX technology. Drag and drop zones, alignment guides, integrated with your music library. Click on button, publish to .Mac. upload it. easy. Still demoing how to use iWeb, publishing his previous podcast. iWeb demo over. 6 iLife apps now. Same price $79. Available today. iLife '06 will be bundleded free on new Macs. .Mac update. Now over 1 million subscribers. iLife and .Mac. One more product... iWork '06. Some of the features in iWork '06. 3d charts, advanced image editing, image reflections, free form and masking, tables with calculations, new themes and templates. no demo, go check it out on the website. $79, also available today. 30 day free trial of iWorks '06 with new Macs. (Keynote and Pages are the components of iWorks '06)Now... lets' talk about systems... Really good year for the Mac. Had previously announced that by June of this year they would be shipping Macs with Intel. How are we doing? Intel Bunny suit guy walks out... Paul Otellini appears. Intel is ready. Apple is ready too. Hard work, nights and weekends working... thanks Intel. Thrilled with new technology from Intel. Paul Otellini leaves. First Mac with Intel processor today.The iMac - built in isight camera. front row. incredible reception. No other desktop PC can match it. Same sizes. 17", 20". Same design. Same features (isight, front row, apple remote), Same price. What's different. Intel Processor. 2-3x faster than the iMac G5. Intel Core Duo. an amazing chip. Two cores. each one faster than the G5. showing benchmarks. overall 2-3x faster. 10.4.4 is entirely native on Intel processor. All the applications included are universal and native on Intel. iLife 06 and iWork 06 are all universal binaries, and was demoing them on an Intel machine. 17" iMac, 20" iMac; 2-3x faster. Shipping Today.Pro apps will be universal in March. Final Cut, Aperture, Pro. If you have the latest version, you can trade in your disc for a universal disc for $49. Other developers starting to release universal binaries. Quark unviversal beta shipping today.Rosetta (PPC emulator for Intel Macs) on iMac. Office runs great on Rosetta. Microsoft BU update. microsoft rep talking about being on track for unviversal binaries of Office and Messenger. Worked to make sure that current versions of Office run well in Rosetta. Shipping several updates very soon to provide additional supprot for current apple technology. Sync services with handheld devices and entourage. all the updates will be avaiable for free on their websites in March. Microsoft committing to shipping a version of Office for Mac for minimum of 5 years. Office for Mac is incredibly successful product. We're here to stay and in it for the long term. Demo of Office on Rosetta. Demoing other apps on Rosetta. Photoshop. Applying script of filters for a King Kong scene. no necessarily enough for pro, but good for most of us. Showing Safari now on the iMac.All products will be transitioning through the end of the year. (note iMac has ATI x1600, reportedly). Showing new Ad. "Intel Chip will be Set Free" (Mac Ad). "For years intel chips have been bored in a PC"."One More Thing..."Showing a Powerbook G4. Trying to shoehorn a G5 into the Powerbook. We've done everyhing possible... But power consuption. Now discussing Peformance per Watt.Today - MacBook Pro. New laptop computer. No more Powerbook. Intel duo Core. 2 processors in every Macbook pro. 4-5x faster. Fastest notebook ever. Hair thinner than the 17". 15.4inch LCD. bright as cinemas. iSight Camera. Demoing the new MacBook Pro. IR sensor. Apple Remote. New feature: New Power Adapter is magnetically held in. If yanked, comes right out. 5.6lbs. iSight, Front Row; $1999 1.67 Core Duo; 667 DDR bus, x1600; $2499 1.83GHz. Shipping in February. Taking orders today. Showing in the Intel ad one more time. Thanking people who walk out on stage. Lots of applause. Shows pic of Jobs and Woz. will be 30 years in 4-1-2006. That's it. We'll be posting new stories shortly.

Title:11.8.05 CBS-NBC Will Offer 99¢ TV Show VOD on Comcast Cable and DirecTV Systems Early 2006
Date:Thu, 10 Nov 2005 13:33:52 PST
Download File:
Description:Click on Image to Watch Video in QuickTime Player.CBS News Reports it and NBC will offer hit TV show Video On Demand (VOD) for only 99¢ on Comcast Cable and DirecTV systems. This is only half the $1.99 Apple is charging for ABC shows, shorts and music videos via iTunes. Will Apple match their price? Will consumers be able to record what they pay 99¢ for? Will they be able to burn ripped versions to CDs or DVDs? And will the shows be offered in their original widescreen HD versions?These are the questions that need answers between now and when these new services begin early next year.

Title:10.23.05 CBS MarketWatch Weekend - Bambi Francisco discourages anyone from buying an iPod. Alexis Christoforous intro-outtro.
Date:Tue, 02 May 2006 01:27:36 PDT
Download File:
Description:Click on Image to Watch Video in QuickTime Player.This is a most confusing "report" from Bambi Francisco who on the one hand describes lots of free content on the web followed by a recommendation not to buy the video iPod because she says it's got lots of expensive limitations that will be fixed with an enhanced version in January.1. 44% web users have created their own content.2. Not easy to move your existing collection of videos to the iPod Video3. Will cost more money to make them work on iPod4. 10% of all video on the web is home or new studio madeAlexis Christoforous asks, "Do you think the Apple Video iPod is worth buying at this price point? A little hefty between three and four hundred dollars to watch movies on a two and a half inch screen." - ignoring it still plays music and displays photos and has 50% more space than the previous 20 GB model that was $299 two weeks ago.Bambi - "Right. First of all there's limited content out there. If you can watch a two and a half inch screen for an hour long then this product is for you. But then I don't think for the majority of people out there. It also takes a long time to download content onto that video iPod. And also a lot of the files that you have on your computer these days will have to be converted. And that's going to take money. And if you want to watch those videos on a TV, that's going to cost an additional amount."Bambi - "So wait for January, there's an enhanced version coming out. That's what I hear. So save your bucks and wait 'til then."Alexis - "Post Holiday Gift."

Title:New iMac G5, iPod Video, iTunes 6 SteveNote California Theatre, San Jose CA 10.12.05 + New 2 x Dual-Core PowerMac G5 Quad NYC 10.19.05
Date:Fri, 21 Oct 2005 15:28:15 PDT
Download File:
Description:Download the 108k PDF of this article with working links by clicking hereRead Lev Grossman's October 24 TIME Magazine Cover Story "HOW APPLE DOES IT" by clicking here or on the imageWatch the SteveNote in QuickTime Player by clicking here or on the imageWatch James Kim, Senior Editor of CNET, First Look at iPod, iMac and iTunes Videos by clicking here or on the imageiMac as Remote Controlled Media Player, Video Conference Node, Media CreatoriPod as Portable Multimedia Player of Audio and VideoiTunes 6 as Multimedia Delivery Vehicle for RSS Feeds, Library Organizer-ManageriTunes Media Store as the Place To Buy New Media, Get Free Media, Subscribe to Free Audio and Video Podcasts0:40 Act I - iMacThird Generation iMac introduced a year ago sold over 1 million in first year.All-New iMac G5A great computer gets even better1:50 - 1. Even Thinner Design2:20 - 2. iSight videocam built-in (better quality-higher specs), Video Conferencing Out Of The Box + PhotoBooth3:50 Demo4:00 Video Conferencing Out Of The Box5:30 PhotoBooth - awesome effects. Takes stills from the camera with a flash of white screen for light.8:35 3. Front Row with Simple 6 Button Remote Control - vs. 44 buttons on regular remotes . Enjoy Music, photos & video from your sofa.9:33 Demo. Listen to Music, Watch Photo Slideshows, DVDs & Videos via remote.13:35 Video Podcasts, Tiki Bar, Rocketboom in the menu14:30 Movie Trailers Built-In automatically streamed from Apple servers19:10 - 4. ATI Radeon X600 Pro (XT on 20" model) 128 MB DDR Video RAM, PCI Express Graphics Bus5. PC2-4200 (533 MHz) DDR2 SDRAM 512MB on motherboard 1 empty expansion slot up to 2.5 GB capacity with one $1200 Apple 2 GB stick (street $400), 8x DL SuperDrive, Airport Extreme, Bluetooth 2, Mighty Mouse - Technical Specifications Expansion Ports are now in a horizontal row near bottom left rear (rear view).6. Complete Creative Digital Life and Productivity Software Suites Included19:55 - 17" 1440 x 900 @ 1.9 GHz PPC G5, 633 GHz Front Size Bus, 160 GB SATA $1299 - same as old model20" 1680 x 1050 @ 2.1 GHz PPC G5, 700 GHz Front Size Bus, 250 GB SATA $1699 - $100 less than the old modelShipping Today20:50 Act II - iPodAlmost 30 Million iPods Shipped as of September 24, 2005, end of last fiscal quarter75% Market Share of all mp3 playersIntroduced iPod nano 5 weeks ago today. Sold over 1 Million in first 17 days. Demand exceeds supply.21:50 Critical Aclaim22:30 "But what about the white iPod? It's been a huge success for us. And therefore it's time to replace it. Today we are announcing the new white iPod. As we head into the holiday season. And it's a stunner."New iPod Video22:55 "And yes it does video."1. The Best Music Player We've Ever Made. Audio Books - Features2. Photos Best Ever, bigger better screen to see them all better3. Extras - see up to 4 clocks at once, calendars, games, Stopwatch with lap timer, Screen Lock4. And Now Video5. 2.5 inch TFT, 320 x 240, 260k colors, H.264 at 30 fps, MPEG 4 at 30 fps, TV out - SpecsRecap - Music, Audio Books, Photos, Podcasts - both spoken word and video, Home Movies, Music Videos and a whole lot more.27:00 30 GB is 31% thinner than the old 20 gb model. White or Black w/Case, 7.5k songs, 12.5k photos, 75 hrs video $29927:15 60 GB is 12% thinner than the old 20 gb model. White or Black w/Case, 15k songs, 25k photos, 150 hrs video $39928:00 Box ShotShipping Now28:35 Strongest Holiday Lineup EveriPod nano, new iPod, new iMac29:05 new iPod ad - Bono U2 singing on the iPod screen31:20new Silhouette iPod + iTunes ad - Eminem, Curtain Call - The HitsOutdoor Bus Stop and Billboard adsAccessoriesCar IntegrationiPod + iTunes Auto-Sync33:30 Act III - iTunesOver 200 Million copies distributed woldwide84% Marketshare last month for all legally downloaded musiciTunes 5 introduced September 7, 2005 - Just 5 Weeks AgoNew iTunes 6Four New Features34:35 - 1. Gifting - the ability to give someone songs, albums, playlists & videos35:18 - 2. Customer Reviews - 10 Million accounts get a voice to write reviews35:50 - 3. Just for You - personalized recommendations based on your purchase history. Beta with feedback button36:38 - 4. Video for sale, over 2000 Music Videos, 6 Pixar Shorts @ $1.99Downloading video specs - 320 x 240, size of about 6 songsFairPlayDRM play on up to 5 computersPlay on unlimited number of iPodsNo CD or DVD burning allowedbut you own it, no rental fees, never times out.39:00 Demo39:20 Gifting is the most requested feature, customer reviews, Just For You40:25Music Video sectionFatBoy Slim - Weapon of ChoiceMadonna - VogueU2 - Original of the SpeciesFront Row on the new iMac, Playing Music VideosPlaying music, photos and videos on big screen from iPod47:30 One More Thing...TV Shows ABC & Disney - 5 Shows - Lost, Desperate Housewives, Night Stalker, The Sweet Life of Zack & Cody and That's So Raven, Ad Free @ $1.99 1 show (43 min) = 5 albums download sizeOld Episodes plus new ones the day after airing51:45 DemoDesperate Housewives (DH) from last SundayFree Previews every episodePlays DH on the iMac full screen and it looks great, but not 16 x 9 HD widescreen aspect ratioSD 4 x 3 Versions only54:55 Robert Iger CEO Disney - "Great Content intersects with Great Technology" Ann Sweeney deserves credit for making this happen. 59:1059:50 Steve sums up. Notes this historical moment, October 12, 2005, when Video is added to the iTunes Music Store and iPod.1:02:00 Congratulates all the Apple employees who have made this happen1:03:00 Encoreborn 1961 New Orleans, 35 albums 9 grammys, Pulitzer Prize winnerWinton Marsalis performsNew York City 10.19.05New PowerBooks with higher resolution screens with PCI Express video and up to 16 GB ramNew dual-core PowerMac G5 Dual and PowerMac G5 QuadPCI Express Graphics CardsAperture RAW Photo EditorTelevisionWeek 10.17.05TVWeek Cover Story by Jon Lafayette Disney Deal Is Apple of Advertisers' Eye, Madison Avenue Sees Exposure Offsetting Commercials' AbsenceTVWeek Guest Commentary by Scott SternbergViewers Make Rules in New Media World

Title:Vid.Vlogosphere to NBC Today - This Is Not A Test 10.13.05
Date:Sat, 15 Oct 2005 17:26:03 PDT
Download File:
Description:Click on Image to Watch Video in QuickTime Player.Alexis Glick for Today, Thursday 10.13.05Steve - "...and you kinda get video for free as a bonus."Continuous Caption: Handheld TV - New iPod Plays VideoAnonymous Consumer in an Apple Store - "I've actually been looking for something that I could play video on."Omar Wasow, Technology Analyst - iPod has gone from an early adopter technology buff market to a mainstream mass market phenomenon now a part of our culture.Alexis - "Their new test is to find out if people will buy video they have to watch on a two and a half inch screen."This is not necessarily the case. You can watch on your TV and you can watch on a video headset or external portable TV with a bigger screen - can you say light FLAT screen?. Let's be clear Alexis. THIS IS NOT A TEST. There is no downside for Apple to add video playback capability for no more money and 50% more space at the $299 price point. You get a free video with every album you buy. Video Podcasters now have a way to reach the consumer like never before. And broadcasters have a way to sell shows after they air in a new window between original air and rerun, before and after DVD sales. NBC could Video Podcast the Today Show with advertising included for free and sell that market to advertisers for a small premium or others who will pay less for VidPodcast ONLY ads. The revolution is being Video Podcast and is being vlogged now. You do not have to watch videos on the 2.5" screen. Steve - "There is no market for video on the go today. So we're going to have to create it." We think there is a large market for video on the go today. And Apple is not going to have to create it. What Apple is doing is providing the solution to a long standing challenge. And that is huge. Kudos to Apple. I love Apple. But the market has been getting pent up with anticipation for this solution for years. Remember Archos? It is like an iPod only bigger, heavier, and more expensive without a Mac interface. But it is also a DVR which iPod most certainly is not yet.I will be very surprised if Apple will be able to keep up with demand for these new iPods before sometime next summer, IF THEN. I think there is going to be a waiting list from here into next Spring at the soonest. It will be a case of capacity incapable of meeting demand for a long time.Affordable technology and our new inexpensive broadband internet distribution system has just now fallen into place. So it's really about the synergy of pent up demand meeting new affordable technological advances - not Apple creating a market or doing a test.Thanks to Al Roker for ordering his last night. You the man Al.Matt Lauer's close - "I know it's going to be huge. Absolutely. Everything they do is huge right now." You took the words right out of my mouth Matt.

Title:Vid.CBS Early Show - TV Shows For Sale, Falling Apple Stock, A Confusing Tool For Losing Hearing & Sight 10.13.05
Date:Sat, 15 Oct 2005 15:30:28 PDT
Download File:
Description:Click on Image to Watch Video in QuickTime Player.Sandra Hughes reports for The Early Show - TV Shows for sale - ABC's TV Shows "Desperate Housewives", "Lost", "Night Stalker" & two Disney Channel sit-coms "The Suite Life of Zack & Cody" and "That's So Raven" are for sale for $1.99 an episode from the iTunes Music, or rather now Media Store (iTMS). Jeffries & Company analyst Adam Benjamin thinks Apple has a 6-month to almost a year competitive lead with the video enabled iPod and videos for sale at the iTMS. Sandra mentions Apple stock falling due to Wall Street's lower than expected iPod sales. Yeah, they were only through the roof as usual. Two women in the street - one clueless while the other totally gets it. At $299 she says, "Considering what an iPod cost when it first came out, that's a steal."The post package quad anchor desk chit chat implies iPods are hard to figure out and may damage your ears and next your eyes. Nobody there expressed the least level of marvel at this development.Interesting few seem to understand the iPod has had video output since the introduction of the iPod Photo a year ago. Let's not forget video headsets you can wear to have a large screen experience out of that little iPod. On researching this product, I've noticed they are currently not in strong supply and cost $300-$400 based on old designs. So I imagine this development will inspire AV engineers all over the world to making the development of a new generation of inexpensive video headsets an engineering priority for introduction ASAP. These will be light, run on AAA batteries and have independent LCD "screens" that can individually be flipped up so you can watch vids with one eye while you walk, jog, or ride mass transit. This may be the hot iPod video accessory for 2007.

Title:Vid.CBS UTTM iPod Video Reports Ignore Vlogs & Video Podcasts 10.13.05
Date:Sat, 15 Oct 2005 15:30:59 PDT
Download File:
Description:Click on Image to Watch Video in QuickTime Player.Up To The Minute - Money Watch's Alexis Christoforous, Melissa McDermott segues to Teri Okita's report.Video Blogging & Video Podcasts are completely ignored as a source of content that may drive sales of the new Video enabled iPod even though Apple lists "Video Podcasts" in the new iPod's Video menu pane:Video PlaylistsMoviesMusic VideosTV ShowsVideo PodcastsVideo SettingsSteve - "...home movies, music videos and a whole lot more..."There are already thousands of video podcast posts in the iTunes Podcast Directory to help sell the reason to buy a video capable iPod now rather than until movies are for sale next year which Jeffries & Company analyst Adam Benjamin posed is a reason consumers may not buy one yet. "But analysts also say 'never underestimate Apple's marketing ability'," Teri adds.

Title:Vid.39mb.40min.Webzine 2005 Session 3 Community Matters
Date:Thu, 13 Oct 2005 15:20:34 PDT
Download File:
Description:Click on Image to Watch Video in QuickTime Player.Ted Rheingold, ModeratorFleeting ImageMindful In The StormGay PromDogsterCatsterReal Life vs. InternetDavid ThauBianca's ShackHeidi Swanson101 Cook BooksHeidi SwansonChickClickMarjorie KaseCommon Sense MediaAmy RaymondCHEAPSKATIN' LA ~ hip handouts ~ FreeSharing their experiences of how to develop communities with their websites.

Title:iTunes Doesn't Always See Our Posts
Date:Mon, 10 Oct 2005 11:53:01 PDT
Download File:
Description:We've made two posts in recent days that have failed to appear in the iTunes Podcast directory and FireANT. So we're resorting to posting this PDF so you can have the links to these missing posts this way. We don't understand why iTunes and FireANT simply can't see some posts that work fine from the browser and are all seen by NetNewsWire for Macintosh.Looks like we are in an era of the early iTunes multimedia client not fully understanding all feeds from a registered site due to some html code problems in the original posts that iTunes can't sense are corrected later. We have had errant bizarre html code mysteriously appearing in some posts that had nothing to do with the way we entered the code to begin with. Sorry for the delay in letting you know. Thanks for your understanding and patience with our continuing learning curve.Here are the permalinks to each of the two recent posts iTunes doesn't see.Vid.42mb.45.5min.Webzine 2005 Session 2 Jacob Appelbaum's Odyssey posted October 6, 2005.Empire "iBook" High. Tucson Arizona Bookless CyberSchool posted September 22, 2005.Click here to download a small 12k pdf of this post with working links.

Title:Vid.42mb.45.5min.Webzine 2005 Session 2 Jacob Appelbaum's Odyssey
Date:Sun, 09 Oct 2005 20:24:18 PDT
Download File:
Description:Click on Image to Watch Video in QuickTime Player.Jacob describes his travels from San Francisco to Iraq to New Orleans and back with his outstanding photos behind him. This is one of the most courageous men I have ever met in my life - a true hero to many and a master of communications.Jocob's WordpressJacob's LiveJournalJacob's Photographs

Title:Vid.48mb.50min.Webzine 2005 Session 1, Leveling The Playing Field - Journalism Online
Date:Thu, 06 Oct 2005 20:43:16 PDT
Download File:
Description:Click on Image to Watch Video in QuickTime Player.Justin Hall, Annalee Newitz, Susan Mernit, Adriel Hampton, George Kelly, Nicole Lee, Daniel Terdiman, Glenda Bautista, Jackson West, Moderator discuss the state of online journalism. noon-1pm September 24, 2005 San Francisco CA

Title:Empire "iBook" High - Tucson Arizona Bookless CyberSchool
Date:Mon, 26 Sep 2005 11:51:40 PDT
Download File:
Description:Click on Image to Watch Video in QuickTime PlayerCBS's Hattie Kaufman shows us Empire High School in Tuscon Arizona with no text books - all Apple iBook G4's.Featuring Calvin Baker, Superintendent, Vail Unified School District. Amanda & Andy Shea students. Cindy Lee, Principal Empire High School. Jeremy Gypton, Teacher. Wayne Gritis, Site Tech. Melinda Jensen, Teacher. From a 9.20.05 CBS Early Morning broadcast segment.

Title:Dr. Peter Chen Researching Video Blogging
Date:Fri, 23 Sep 2005 23:59:27 PDT
Download File:
Description:<a href="" target="_blank"><img src=""></a>Click on Image to Watch Video in QuickTime PlayerDr. Chen calling for everyone here to fill out his simple private research quesitonaire please and why. My audio is no good. But Peter does most of the talking and it's a time dependent recording. So please excuse my bad audio.The text of his outreach message to all video bloggers and video podcasters:The Vlogging survey closes soon. If you are the producer of a videoblog, please take the time to go to our questionaire web page by clicking on this link and complete the survey.Background:This survey is being undertaken by Dr Peter Chen, of the National Centre for Australian Studies at Monash University (Melbourne, Australia). The objectives of the survey are: * To attempt to survey a reasonable proportion of people current engaged in podcasting and vlogging around the world * Determine their motivations for podcasting and vlogging * Attempt to determine audiences sizes, and * Examine the approaches currently taken to podcasting and vlogging.The survey should be undertaken: * Voluntarily * With the awareness that personal information need not be provided, and * If personal information is provided, it will not be released in any form by the researcher.We thank you for your participation in this research project.Media

Title:Empire "iBook" High. Tucson Arizona Bookless CyberSchool
Date:Mon, 10 Oct 2005 11:02:19 PDT
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Description:Click on Image to Watch Video in QuickTime PlayerCBS's Hattie Kaufman shows us Empire High School in Tuscon Arizona with no text books - all Apple iBook G4's.Featuring Calvin Baker, Superintendent, Vail Unified School District. Amanda & Andy Shea students. Cindy Lee, Principal Empire High School. Jeremy Gypton, Teacher. Wayne Gritis, Site Tech. Melinda Jensen, Teacher. From a 9.20.05 CBS Early Morning broadcast segment.

Title:Vid.Josh Kinberg Describes 2004 to 2005 VlogoSphere Creation 27mb.28min
Date:Fri, 23 Sep 2005 15:28:11 PDT
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Description:Click on Image to Watch Video in QuickTime PlayerJoshua Kinberg tells of his development of the Video Blog Culture and FireANT since last year to date and predicts the future of it. At 26, the youngest of the founding fathers of the video blogging culture and technology describes how he came to help create the means for everyone to become webcasters of video to everyone else. Exclusive interview to FutureMedia 9.16.05 at the Digital Media Factory, Santa Cruz CA Cinemar Schmoozefest.

Title:Audio.Digital Cinema Diffusion Sony SXRD 4K Projectors
Date:Sun, 11 Sep 2005 22:38:14 PDT
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Description:Click Here to Download and Listen to the 52.5 minute 12 MB mp3 Presentation Audio on your iPod. Details below.Thank you for being here. You may get a free subscription to our iTunes client feed by clicking here. Or get a free RSS 2 subscription for other clients by clicking here.We really appreciate your patronage. Please leave any comments you may have about what you do and don't like about our service here. Or email comments and questions to info at Thanks.Footnote - iTunes RSS Multimedia Client only recognizes one Audio, Video or PDF item (known as "enclosures") per post - the first one. So it is necessary to make a separate post for this audio to reach iTunes subscribers even though it is in the previous post as a second enclosure. TB

Title:Vid.52.5min.54mb.Digital Cinema Diffusion Sony SXRD 4K Projectors
Date:Tue, 13 Sep 2005 09:08:46 PDT
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Description:Click on Image to Watch Video in QuickTime Player. Please wait. This encode doesn't fast start (bug in 3ivx) so you have to wait for the full 54mb download before autoplay does begin. Thank you for your patience.Click Here to Download and Listen to the 52.5 minute 12 MB mp3 Presentation Audio on your iPodCornerstone Technology for Diffusion of Digital CinemaSony SXRD 4K ProjectorsPresentation to the IEEE SCV Monterey Bay SubsectionBob Lofland, Support EngineerSony Broadcast Division, San Jose CA8.24.05 Digital Media Factory, Santa Cruz CAThe technology and future deployment strategy of these new quad HD resolution Digital Cinema projectors for commercial motion picture theatrical houses. A dozen are already sold in the Northern California Bay Area already. These projectors will be going into a theatre near you within the next few months as Sony deploys them into movie houses this fall 2005 throughout the United States.They are known as the 4K projector because they project at a pixel width and height of more than twice that of HDTV - 4096 wide x 2160 high. This technology quadruples the resolution of modern HDTV projectors and provides a contrast ration of 2000 to 1 with up to 10,000 ANSI lumens.With such impressive specifications, these projectors are expected to provide the cornerstone enabling digital cinema to replace the presently ubiquitous 35mm theater movie projector. The talk goes beyond describing the enabling technology - Silicon Crystal Reflexive Displays. It also deals with Sony's strategy for digital cinema deployment and reviews infrastructure issues to put these projectors to use. They are shipping this month.This lecture with technical diagrams explains in depth how this new technology works. These projectors are in the $100k price range. A smaller home theatre Qualia C-340- projector from Sony is available using the same technology for only about $12k. Sony Press ReleaseSony Broadcast Large Venue/Digital Cinema's post with comments

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