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Description: Wit and wisdom shine through as John Safran and Father Bob Maguire tackle the issues of the day from a religious perspective. This is the first Australian TV show to be delivered as a vodcast. Watch it Mondays at 9pm on SBS-TV, or any time at all via this vodcast.
Tags: john safran father bob maguire speaking in tongues sbs video podcast australia australian religion christian muslim christianity islam buddhism hinduism judaism jewish spirituality philosophy new age comedy matchmaker scientol


Title:Nerds FC music video
Date:Tue, 21 Mar 2006 00:00:00 AEDT
Download File:
Description:Fourteen nerds, four samba dancers, one dance music track. What could possibly go wrong? The Nerd Talk video podcast kicks off on March 31st, ahead of the television broadcast on SBS TV from April 14th. Subscribe to the new podcast at

Title:Exclusive preview: "World Tales" video podcast
Date:Fri, 2 February 2006 200:00:00 AEDT
Download File:
Description:"Speaking in Tongues" is taking a break, so please enjoy this episode of SBS's "World Tales" animated podcast, "Marzooq". The podcast features a new short animation each week, depicting fairy tales from around the world. To subscribe to the "World Tales" podcast, use this feed address: You can find more information on "World Tales" at

Title:Speaking in Tongues : 23 Jan 2006
Date:Mon, 23 January 2006 21:00:00 AEDT
Download File:
Description:In this final episode we bring you Jack Marx on why Alcoholics Anonymous is a cult, a soulmate-seeking Satanist, and Bob's last word on pre-marital sex, men wearing makeup, and casual weekend cannibalism.

Title:Speaking in Tongues : 16 Jan 2006
Date:Mon, 16 January 2006 21:00:00 AEDT
Download File:
Description:This week US Author Jim Goad - fresh from a 2 year stint in the Oregon State Penitentiary for assaulting his girlfriend - discusses domestic violence from his perspective; Comedian Austen Tayshus, pro-Zionist Jew, versus journalist Antony Loewenstein, anti-zionist Jew; and Anna Koefman, Messianic Jew, sheds light on Jews who are into Jesus in our matchmaking segment.

Title:Speaking in Tongues : 9 Jan 2006
Date:Mon, 9 January 2006 21:00:00 AEDT
Download File:
Description:This week Catholic writer John Heard tells us why he shouldn't act on his same sex attraction if he wants to be faithful to his church; we ask academic Steven Angelides whether homophobia is a symptom of latent homosexual tendencies; Jaki Sainsbury, recent convert to Seventh Day Adventism, describes her perfect match; and, finally, proof that Bob's Billboard actually exists.

Title:Speaking in Tongues : 2 Jan 2006
Date:Mon, 2 January 2006 21:00:00 AEDT
Download File:
Description:This week Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun columnist, argues social justice is better served by conservative politics; an interview with Father Bob's dog Franklin is facilitated by Dog Channeler Deb McBride; and in our matchmaking candidate segment 'speaking in tongues' is finally explained by Wayne Bawden, who's looking for a Pentacostal Christian bride.

Title:Speaking in Tongues : 26 Dec 2005
Date:Mon, 26 December 2005 21:00:00 AEDT
Download File:
Description:This week in Speaking in Tongues: Mary Rodwell tells us about the many alien abductees she's counselled, whilst her former client Rochelle D'Elia gives John a healing; Sione Crawford, advocate for drug users, challenges our ideas about heroin; and Tony Momcilovic, a gay Serbian Orthodox Christian, describes his perfect match in our matchmaking segment.

Title:Speaking in Tongues : 19 Dec 2005
Date:Mon, 19 December 2005 21:00:00 AEDT
Download File:
Description:In the aftermath of the Cronulla riot, this week's Speaking in Tongues gets controversial: Scientist Gerard Tarulli uses genetics to explain why we're all basically the same; Macquarie's Public Law academic Andrew Fraser calls for the return of the White Australia Policy; and in our matchmaking segment, Ibrahim Al-Sabahi, Mandaean and former asylum seeker, tells us what he's looking for in a Mandaean girl.

Title:Speaking in Tongues : 12 Dec 2005
Date:Mon, 12 December 2005 21:00:00 AEDT
Download File:
Description:This week John accuses Father Bob of smoking; David Oakes demonstrates how Reverse Speech can uncover the hidden meanings in what we say; and the matchmakers try to find a match for a Jainist.

Title:Speaking in Tongues : 5 Dec 2005
Date:Mon, 5 December 2005 21:00:00 AEDT
Download File:
Description:In this week's program, Father Bob and John discuss the recent Vatican ruling on gay priests; John's best friend's father Imi Weinstein tells why Jews should marry within their faith; and Daman Pal Singh Sarna explains Sikhism and what's he's looking for in a Sikh girl.

Title:Speaking in Tongues : 28 Nov 2005
Date:Mon, 28 November 2005 21:00:00 AEDT
Download File:
Description:This program has been removed due to legal issues.

Title:Speaking in Tongues : 21 Nov 2005
Date:Mon, 21 November 2005 21:00:00 AEDT
Download File:
Description:This week John celebrates bringing victory to the Socceroos; Indigo child Solreta Antaria speaks in Star Language; Crikey's Stephen Mayne discusses the tax-free perks of religious businesses; and the Salvos' Lt. Cate Daniels looks for her perfect match.

Title:Speaking in Tongues : 14 Nov 2005
Date:Mon, 14 November 2005 21:00:00 AEDT
Download File:
Description:This week John and Bob talk to Buddhist and MS sufferer Jocelyn Hughes about karma; Tuba Boz explains the role of cosmetics in Islam; and we meet Ziggy Darwish, a young Druze man on the lookout for love.


Rated by:bob
Review:John is terrific, but Fr Bob is an embarrassment, I think. His additions are few and far between. John would do well with a solid believer or a solid unbeliever, but Fr Bob is neither, or tries to ride the fence a bit of un/orthodoxy

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