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Location:Washington County Oregon, USA
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Description: Each Monday speakers make presentations before the Washington County Public Affairs Forum. Subjects include political debates, issues concerning Washington County Oregon, or anything relating to public affairs in Oregon.
Tags: politics oregon portland beaverton hillsboro olson forum public affairs


Title:November 12, 2007 - The Iraq War.
Download File:http://forumvideo.washingtoncountyforum....
Description:Colonel Howard has made two deployments to Iraq as a participant with the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF) in the original assault and capture of Baghdad in March and April 2003. His second tour was also with "One MEF" as senior Marine Corps engineer liaison to the US Army and Coalition headquarters in Baghdad. He present his view of the situation in Iraq.

Title:November 5, 2007 - Portland General Electric Energy Update.
Download File:http://forumvideo.washingtoncountyforum....
Description:Vice President Bill Nicholson, PGE Leader of the Division Concerning Customer and Economic Development, talks about PGE, the Biglow Canyon Windfarm, and their new Natural Gas plant in Clatskanie.

Title:October 29, 2007 - An in depth look at the Oregon wine industry.
Download File:http://forumvideo.washingtoncountyforum....
Description:Maria Ponzi, from Ponzi Wineries, talks about the wine industry in Washington County Oregon.

Title:October 22, 2007 - Forum members talk about Washington County.
Download File:http://forumvideo.washingtoncountyforum....
Description:When the scheduled speaker failed to show up forum members Vincent Degoc, Kathy Stanton, and John Tyner stepped up to take his place. They discussed a wide variety of topics relevant to Washington County.

Title:October 15, 2007 - Oregon Ballot Initiatives - Measure 49 and 50.
Download File:http://forumvideo.washingtoncountyforum....
Description:Measure 49 Land Use. - Senator Larry George in opposition and Representative Greg MacPherson in favor and Measure 50 , The Healthy Kids Act JL Wilson in opposition and John Valley, American Heart Association, in favor.

Title:October 8, 2007 - Introducing Stubb Stewart State Park.
Download File:http://forumvideo.washingtoncountyforum....
Description:Stub Stewart State Park, the newest Park in the State Park system, is located in Washington County. The 1,650 acre park offers camping, picnicking and hiking. It has nearly 15 miles of new hiking trails.

Title:October 1, 2007 - A Look at the Role of the Chamber of Commerce.
Download File:http://forumvideo.washingtoncountyforum....
Description:Bill Bradbury, Oregon Secretary of State, gives a powerpoint presentation concerning Global Warming. Bill was one of the first 50 graduates of The Al Gore Training Center. This talks is based on what he learned at that training.

Title:September 24, 2007 - Global Warming and How it will affect the state of Oregon.
Download File:http://forumvideo.washingtoncountyforum....
Description:Bill Bradbury, Oregon Secretary of State, gives a powerpoint presentation concerning Global Warming. Bill was one of the first 50 graduates of The Al Gore Training Center. This talks is based on what he learned at that training.

Title:September 17, 2007 - Breast and Prostrate Cancer
Download File:http://forumvideo.washingtoncountyforum....
Description:Gail Brownmiller, from the Susan G. Koman Foundation, talks about breast cancer. Dr Mitchell H. Sokoloff, Director of Surgical Oncology Robotics at OHSU, talks about prostrate cancer.

Title:September 10, 2007 - Dr. James Moore - What Happened in the 2007 Oregon Legislative Session?
Download File:http://forumvideo.washingtoncountyforum....
Description:Dr. James Moore, Professor and Political Analyst from Pacific University, speaks on the topic "What Happened in the 2007 Oregon Legislative Session?". Professor Moore is always an interesting and informative speaker. He combines a sense of humor with a vast knowledge of the political scene in Oregon. His presentations are an insightful and entertaining view of the current political scene.

Title:June 13, 2007 - Oregon Senator Ron Wyden, speaking on the Healthy American's Act and A Look at the 110th Session.
Download File:http://forumvideo.washingtoncountyforum....
Description:Senator Wyden talks about the desperate need to improve the hearth care system in America along with his ideas of how to do it. He also discussed the Iraq war, national security vs individual rights, transportation, and other topics of interest to Washington County residents.

Title:June 4, 2007 - How should non-profit organizations function today?
Download File:http://forumvideo.washingtoncountyforum....
Description:Andy Nelson, Executive Director, Hands On Greater Portland, and Keith Thomajan, CEO and President of Camp Fire USA Portland Metro Council, discuss How should conditions, trends and events shape the way that 501-C3, non-profit , organizations function today?

Title:May 7, 2007 - What is happening with the Washington County Fair Grounds?
Download File:http://forumvideo.washingtoncountyforum....
Description:Lyle Speischart, from Washington County Fair Boosters Association, and Linda Mokler, from Middle-Age Housewives For Good Government, discuss the history and future of the Washington County (Oregon) County Fair.

Title:April 16, 2007 - Economic Growth of Beaverton and Hillsboro.
Download File:http://forumvideo.washingtoncountyforum....
Description:Beaverton Mayor Rob Drake and Hillsboro Mayor Tom Hughes talk about Economic Growth Of The Cities, Beaverton and Hillsboro and How they Compliment Each Other.

Title:March 19, 2007 - How Do Manufactured Housing Park Closures Effect The Affordable Housing Market?
Download File:http://forumvideo.washingtoncountyforum....
Description:This is a talk about how the closing of manufactured homes parks are reducing the availability of affordable housing in Washington County Oregon.

Title:March 5, 2007 - Where is Metro Headed since the election?
Download File:http://forumvideo.washingtoncountyforum....
Description:David Bragdon, Metro Executive Director, and Kathryn Harrington, the New Position 4 Metro Councilor, talk about growth, transportation, development, and impact of the urban growth boundary.


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