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Location:Los Angeles, CA, USA
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Description: Rock n Roll TV - Indie music, indie films, star flush...just some crazy music related banter by host Share Ross.
Tags: rock n roll tv - indie music films star flush...just some crazy related banter by host share ross.


Title:RnRTV #305: RnR Ponzi Scheme and STP Anger Fans
Date:Sun, 23 Sep 2012 17:58:21 +0000
Download File:
Description:Quicktime (click to view) It’s time for some rock news comin’ at ya fast and furious! This episode: A rock n roll ponzi scheme; Chuck Berry is reunited with a stolen guitar; Fiona Apple spends night in jail and STP piss off Canadian fans. When you think ponzi scheme, you usually think.. wall street business […]

Title:RnRTV #304: Cheap Trick Minus Bun E and Vince Neil Broken Foot!
Date:Mon, 17 Sep 2012 19:21:30 +0000
Download File:
Description:Quicktime (Click to view) Lookin’ for short and snappy rock news? Welcome to Rock n Roll TV! This episode: Cheap Trick record without drummer Bun E. Carlos; Vince Neil busts his foot; Pete Townshend has book; and Mike Peters of the Alarm hoax story goes to film. Cheap Trick have recorded a new song for […]

Title:RnRTV #303: Randy Blythe Freed and Duff McKagan Helps A Kid
Date:Fri, 07 Sep 2012 19:23:25 +0000
Download File:
Description:Quicktime (click to view) Lookin’ for bite size rock news? You got it with Rock n Roll TV! This episode: Randy Blythe from Lamb of God; Aerosmith confirm release; Lady Gaga not married and neither is Adele and Duff McKagan helps a dream come true. Lamb of God singer Randy Blythe has been freed from […]

Title:RnRTV #302: Official Hagar Day and Cooper Crashes ROA!
Date:Fri, 31 Aug 2012 17:09:08 +0000
Download File:
Description:Quicktime (click to view) You’re lookin’ for fast rock news like a drive thru of music news! You got it! This episode of Rock n Roll TV: California city declares Sammy Hagar Day; Rammstein blamed for shooting; Zep book coming out and Alice Cooper gate crashed ROA! California city has declared September 15 2012 will […]

Title:RnRTV #301: Morello Says Nah To Ryan and 148 Mill For GnR?
Date:Sat, 25 Aug 2012 02:59:11 +0000
Download File:
Description:Quicktime (click to view) Rock n Roll TV gives ya the rock news in a hurry! Tom Morello from RATM says his piece about Paul Ryan; Sammy Hagar has fast wheels for sale; Fred Durst did not get booted for the finger and what would you do if you won 148 million pounds? Republican VP […]

Title:RnRTV #300 – Dio’s House and Slash Talks Sesame Street
Date:Tue, 14 Aug 2012 14:28:53 +0000
Download File:
Description:Quicktime (click to view) Wanna get rock news in a fast and furious way? Welcome to Rock n Roll TV! This episode: Dio’s childhood home for sale; Queensryche dispute; Scott Gorham memoir coming out and Slash talks about Sesame Street. Calling all Dio fans. Ronnie James Dio’s childhood home is for sale on eBay. It’s […]

Title:RnRTV #299 – Jeff Lynne Long Wave and Swatting and Lolla Tel Aviv
Date:Wed, 08 Aug 2012 15:37:09 +0000
Download File:
Description:Quicktime (click to view) Ready for bite size rock news? Rock n Roll TV comin’ at ya! Jeff Lynne explains his Long Wave album; Miley Cyrus house stormed by SWAT; Incubus on hiatus or not; Lolla goes to Israel! Jeff Lynne’s new solo album, Long Wave is a tribute to some of the songs that […]

Title:RnRTV #298 – The Who Quadrophenia Tour and Live Sues
Date:Tue, 31 Jul 2012 20:44:22 +0000
Download File:
Description:Quicktime (click to view) Wanna get your rock news fast and furious? Welcome to Rock n Roll TV! Today – The Who tour Quadrophenia but there’s a special offer in Rhode Island; Live sue their singer; Lily Allen is pregnant again; and Flea releases ep for charity. The Who have announced a major North American […]

Title:RnRTV #297 – Stones 50th Plans and Boss n Macca Shutdown!
Date:Wed, 25 Jul 2012 00:40:43 +0000
Download File:
Description:Quicktime (click to view) Lookin’ for fast and furious rock news? You got it! The Stones throw hints around 50th plans; Boss and Macca shutdown in London; Tyler leaves and JLo follows; Meat Loaf sues tribute act. The Stones… 50 years … will they tour or won’t they? At a recent London exhibition of photographs […]

Title:RnRTV #296: Cult Bus Crash and Diamond Dave Explains
Date:Fri, 13 Jul 2012 19:26:35 +0000
Download File:
Description:Quicktime (click to view) Want bite sized rock news? Rock n Roll TV is for you! This episode – Cult frontman Ian Astbury describes the band bus crash; Diamond David Lee Roth talks Super Bowl; Lily Allen returns and Mick Brown and his golf cart madness! The Cult’s frontman Ian Astbury was injured when the […]

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