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Description: All the latest audio and video posted to Indymedia Ireland's open publishing newswire. Indymedia Ireland is a collectively run media outlet for the creation of radical, accurate, and passionate tellings of the truth, offering grassroots, non-corporate coverage of Irish news and events.
Tags: independent media journalism truth justice democracy open publishing indymedia


Title:audio of phone call between Estonian FM and Catherine Ashton
Date:Thu, 06 Mar 2014 07:56:44 +0100
Download File:
Description:Another leaked phone call. This time between the Estonian FM and Catherine Ashton. It would seem to indicate that the same shooters on the rootops in Ukraine were shooting people on BOTH sides. People have seen this kind of thing before in previous coups by the West such as the attempted coup against Chavez. It was used at the start of the Syria crisis before foreign mercenaries invaded and escalated matters much higher. It is standard operating procedure, dirty tricks 101.

Title:this show really helped put the cat among the pigeons
Date:Sun, 16 Feb 2014 19:00:29 +0100
Download File:
Description:download link for a podcast of last wednesday's fiery "late debate" John Mooney, security correspondent with the Sunday Times Mark Kelly director of the Irish council for civil liberties, Michelle Mulherin Fine Gael TD for Mayo and Pádraig Mac Lochlainn Sinn Fein TD for Donegal North-East speak to Audrey about the latest in the GSOC scandal. it's 50MB so I didn't post this one

Title:interview on "this week" with john mooney
Date:Sun, 16 Feb 2014 18:53:38 +0100
Download File:
Description:Here is the podcast of today's "this week" interview with John Mooney:

Title:4-minute intro to Integrity Ireland
Date:Sat, 04 Jan 2014 21:43:37 +0100
Download File:
Description:Having just read this articulate story by Niall, I am most of all saddened by the fact that he has since passed away. He was truly an inspiration. There is no doubt that Ireland is suffering a crisis of corruption amongst State institutions and the 'protected elite', and that many, many more decent citizens will continue to be targeted and abused if we do not stand up and be counted. Integrity Ireland is a citizens-driven 'oversight body' which collects member's stories and complaints, and then uses this information to challenge corrupt authorities - especially in the legal profession, the Gardai and the Courts. Joining I-I is simple and free - and the more people we have on the database, and the more information we have about 'compromised' authority figures, the stronger and more effective we become. Don't go it alone. That's what 'they' want. There is strength in unity and strength in truth. Join Integrity Ireland, and help us, help you..

Title:Radio interview with I-I Administrator, 12 mins
Date:Sat, 04 Jan 2014 21:43:37 +0100
Download File:
Description:Having just read this articulate story by Niall, I am most of all saddened by the fact that he has since passed away. He was truly an inspiration. There is no doubt that Ireland is suffering a crisis of corruption amongst State institutions and the 'protected elite', and that many, many more decent citizens will continue to be targeted and abused if we do not stand up and be counted. Integrity Ireland is a citizens-driven 'oversight body' which collects member's stories and complaints, and then uses this information to challenge corrupt authorities - especially in the legal profession, the Gardai and the Courts. Joining I-I is simple and free - and the more people we have on the database, and the more information we have about 'compromised' authority figures, the stronger and more effective we become. Don't go it alone. That's what 'they' want. There is strength in unity and strength in truth. Join Integrity Ireland, and help us, help you..

Title:Embedded audio:
Date:Fri, 15 Nov 2013 18:14:46 +0100
Download File:
Description:Today's Call is a program from a local community radio station in San Franciso. Well worth listening to. The talk is about the expansion of hydraulic fracturing with activists in Romania, Argentina, and Europe. Last month, activists from over 20 countries took to the streets to speak out against fracking. Where is it growing the fastest? Which companies are doing the fracking? And what can we learn from these grassroots movements?

Title:And here is a previous exchange between Mr Monaghan and Sgt Dermot Butler.
Date:Fri, 15 Nov 2013 14:07:33 +0100
Download File:
Description:Judge Denis McLoughlin presided over yesterdays monthly sitting of Belmullet district court. Amongst the defendants were 5 people up on charges because of their opposition to the Shell Corrib gas project. Of the Shell related cases only one was heard, resulting in John Monaghan being convicted and fined E350 and disqualified from driving for one year. Of particular note in this case was that some of the evidence that was used to convict Mr Monaghan, came from Sgt Dermot Butler, who was one of the named Gardaí that a former Shell subcontractor claimed helped to transfer the alcohol that he delivered to Belmullet Garda station on behalf of Shell. Also of particular note was that one IRMS security guard also confirmed that IRMS had a practice of profiling certain members of the local community and other campaigners.

Title:John Carty explains the development of the dispute
Date:Thu, 14 Nov 2013 00:14:34 +0100
Download File:
Description:In a case even a rightwinger would support, Milnes Foods strikers are continuing their work stoppages .While progress has been made in areas, the right to collective bargaining, union representation, pro-rata pay for the cleaners and mechanics are some of the outstanding issues in this bitter dispute between some seventeen or so brave SIPTU strikers and the company of Milne Foods, of Birr in Co. Offaly. A Labour Court hearing is lated for December 12th. They are on one day work stoppages each Friday from now to Christmas, support from all would be appreciated.

Title:Ayssar Midani on the Syrian Chemical Weapons Hoax
Date:Tue, 27 Aug 2013 23:32:27 +0100
Download File:
Description:This interview is of a French activist. Ayssar Midani, who has been in Syria for quite sometime and talks about massacres early on carried out by the rebels and how the government has been trying to protect the population from the murderous attacks of these fanatics. She also claims of satellite evidence proving that the attack was not launched by government officials, and the likely consequences of a US-led strike on the country.

Title:Egypt’s Gen. Sisi Acted to Pre-Empt a Civil War Planned by Moslem Brotherhood to Facilitate NATO Seizure of Suez Canal; Calming Trend in Cairo
Date:Thu, 22 Aug 2013 23:35:46 +0100
Download File:
Description:Tarpley gives a really good account and analysis of what happened recently in Egypt. And in summary it was this. It was a counter-coup by the army to protect their own interests against the Muslim Brotherhood. Morsi got in on a ticket of promises to the poor but renegade on that and he did a deal with the IMF which ordered removal of subsidies to the poor. At the same time the Muslim Brotherhood were going off in extreme directions and Morsi himself was becoming rapidly despotic and were wanting to launch a jihad against Syria and sent in fighters there. The army baulked at this and saw it would wind up as a dictatorship by Morsi and the top layer of the army would be liquidated since they would be the main thread. So in effect they moved first. Tarpley claims the MB were pretty much controlled by the CIA and certainly their pandering to the IMF would suggest that they were ultimately acting on behalf of big capital. The full interview is linked below

Title:Crotty Lecture 2010 Conor McCabe
Date:Thu, 27 Jun 2013 22:37:26 +0100
Download File:
Description:On the 15th October 2011 the Ireland Institute on Pearse Street played host to the second annual Raymond Crotty lecture, which was sponsored by the People’s Movement. The topic of this year’s lecture was Rancher and Banking interests in the modern Irish Economy and was delivered by Conor McCabe. McCabe’s recent book, Sins of the Father, is an examination of the Irish economy from the Anglo – Irish Treaty up to the present day.

Title:"Boston Truth: The Suspects - Who Is Behind al Qaeda?" - Guns and Butter April 24th 2013
Date:Thu, 25 Apr 2013 22:13:02 +0100
Download File:
Description:In this podcast from Guns and Butter the background and motive for the Boston bombings are set out very clearly. It shows why the govt have set the narrative that this is linked to Chechen terrorists -the very people the CIA trained, sponsored and armed and used to trigger the first Chechen war (in 1994) in which up to 100,000 were killed, in an attempt to destablize and split apart the Russia Federation which they nearly did. Putin launched the Second Chechen War in 1999 to regain control. Today though the dollar as a reserve currency is at risk of falling as both China and Russia have been secretly buying thousands of tonnes of gold and trying to get rid of their dollar reserves and setup their own bi-lateral arrangements. When the plug is pulled on the dollar it will impoverish much of the US population since they import so much including oil and the price of these imports will sky rocket as the dollar value collapses. This is not necessarily something that will happen tomorrow but it is on the cards and the Chinese and Russians and many others do are sick of being ripped off by the dollar which the USA prints for free and it particularly elks them because the US essentially gets all these imports for free and is thus able to use this wealth or borrowed money to launch so many wars that goes directly against the interests of so many countries. Thus as in the lead up to the Iraq War where the image of Bin Laden after 9/11 was slowly shown less frequently in the media whilst that of Saddam Hussein slowly increased till it replaced it and unfortunately a significant number of Americans came to believe Saddam was responsible for 9/11 and hence that justified the war. And so we are now going to still get the narratives that all terrorists are Muslims but over the next few months / years this will change from Arab type Muslims to Chechen Muslims and since Chechen is part of the Russian Federation then quite clearly the implication will be that Putin is behind the terrorists. And that will be the pretext to build up the rhetoric and military to threaten Russia once again the hope somehow that they stall or delay the dollar collapse The above is not actually covered in the interview perhaps due to the finite time available but it will give some context to the interview itself. We must remember once again and it is pointed out in the interview and we now it from recent press coverage that: John Kerry (Secretary of State) met with the Syrian Opposition leader in Turkey a few weeks back and brought money and said this was for Al Nussa militia (who used it to buy weapons) and are part of the so called Syria opposition who openly swore its loyalty to Al Qaeda. (See and and ). So how can you be sponsoring and supporting al Qaeda and at the same time allegdly be fighting them? This contradictions are surprisenly hope and you would wonder why, but then as pointed out above, there are many instances of blatant lies but the American public seems so thoroughly ill-informed and lacking in any knowledge with regards worldly events that it is easy to mislead and it works; so why bother try any harder? Anyhow the podcast is well worth a listen because it brings and connect so many facts and geo-political events together

Title:Interview of Andrew St. Ledger of Wood Land League on Connemara Community Radio
Date:Wed, 13 Mar 2013 21:33:20 +0100
Download File:
Description:The government is planning to sell off our national forests which are currently owned by Coillte. The plan would be to sell harvesting rights on 500,000 acres out of 1.2 million that they manage. They claim it is worth €700 million although in the Peter Bacon report on Forestry, he puts the true value at €360 million or the equivalent of 3 days of government expenditure. Bacon said: "economic rationale for the proposed sale of harvesting rights no longer stands up and cannot be justified." and that he further concluded it would actually cost the state €1,300 million to sell the harvesting rights of Coillte due to various liabilities. The report says that the forests should be developed further as a public resource.

Title:"Sandy Hook: Unanswered Questions" with Professor James F. Tracy. Discrepancies in media coverage; coroner
Date:Sat, 26 Jan 2013 23:30:30 +0100
Download File:
Description:There is an interesting podcast from the Guns and Butter show from Jan 9th where they discuss media discrepancies around the cover of this mass shooting. Certainly a lot of things don't add up and they cover the strange coroner's press conference. It is certainly well listening to and disturbing to think that state forces could be involved in something like this, but then again if a country can happy fake evidence for a war -aka Iraq and then bomb the country to pieces and combined with the occupation kill far in excess of 100,000 and you can assume there are 1000s of kids in those numbers then what is killing 20 or 30 to pursue some goal?

Title:Podcast: SWP conference special report
Date:Sat, 12 Jan 2013 23:34:59 +0100
Download File:
Description:Podcast: SWP conference special report A special podcast on the Socialist Workers Party's internal crisis and annual conference. Download file:

Title:YM interview
Date:Sat, 13 Oct 2012 22:06:28 +0100
Download File:
Description:Eric Draitser of theStop Imperialism website has an in-depth conversation with Yassamine Mather, chair of the Hands Off the People of Iran (HOPI) organization. They discuss the geopolilitical issues surrounding Iran ranging from the controversy regarding the nuclear program to Iran's relations with the West and the SCO. In addition, Eric and Yassamine examine some of the internal politics of Iran, including the competing factions of the ruling establishment and the role of the working class in that country. Also, they address some of the pressing economic concerns including inflation, the effect of sanctions, and the future of Iranian economic development. Yassamine Mather is Co-Deputy Director of the Centre for the Study of Socialist Theory at the University of Glasgow. She is also the Chair of Hands Off the People of Iran (HOPI).

Title:Zionist Indoctrination of Children - essentially it's psychological torture of Isreali Children
Date:Thu, 27 Sep 2012 17:18:27 +0100
Download File:
Description:Eyal Sivan has documented some of this indoctrination in his 1990 film IZKOR, SLAVES OF MEMORY - "IZKOR, is a portrait of the Israeli society that has never been shown before, thirty days in the life of a State that lives to the rhythm of its memory. This award-winning film puts forward a passionate and severe analysis of the Hebrew state. “IZKOR,” means "remember" in Hebrew and this film looks in depth at this imperative that is imposed on the children of Israel. In Israel during the month of April feast days and celebrations take place one after another. School children of all ages prepare to pay tribute to their country's past. The collective memory becomes a terribly efficient tool for the training of young minds." The line is drawn from kindergarten to the moment in which every Israeli (except for the Orthodox and Arab-Israelis) fulfills their 'destiny', to do their military service. The "Breaking the Silence" group (now approximately 800 ex-soldiers) speak about this eloquently, and heartbreakingly - because they were once children and believed what they were told. Equally heartbreaking is the Christian, or any other religion, indoctrination of children. Some of them have grown up to serve in the US military and play out their contempt for Muslims in Afghanistan and Iraq. Download excerpt here - - NB: 240Mb video file -

Title:Right-Click . . Save As
Date:Wed, 11 Jul 2012 18:20:10 +0100
Download File:
Description:Here is a link where one can Directly download the Vincent Browne RA Program mentioned above direct file download for anyone not on a fast connection - "Right-Click . . Save As . . ." ;-) then save it to your HD and play with whatever video player you use for MP4's - VLC is good - BTW - Rent Allowance as currently operated is nothing but a Gov't/Taxpayer subsidy to the Private Landlord Sector The Gov't has a constitutional obligation to ensure that ALL Irish Citizens living in Ireland are housed - so rather than actually providing housing for people it avoids this obligation by providing a subsidy for the Private Landlord Sector - parasites basically AND the lady in the video IS correct in stating that Rent Allowance props up the housing sector, helping to keep Rent levels artificially higher than they would otherwise be - there's a serious glut in the market at the moment, but Rent levels have not fallen enough to reflect the real situation, due to the current level of RA - essentially ALL landlords and their agents are aware of this and set Rent levels a small percentage above the RA level for the area This IS a real problem, but of course the Gov't is really not that concerned with helping bring down rent levels as such, they just want to stick the boot into those on RA If they were Really concerned they would reduce the RA level while raising the dole level to compensate for those that can't move OR providing a small temporary subsidy to those caught in high-Rent-trap Rents are far lower outside Dublin and anyone caught by High Rents in Dublin and having problems find landlords to take RA should simply move down the country - obviously this is not a perfect solution and won't be possible for many , particularly for those having kids etc, but for single people it IS a solution - and one that would actually possibly also help reduce rents in the Dublin area and surrounds

Title:30 min interview on Putin’s Russia
Date:Thu, 28 Jun 2012 00:18:14 +0100
Download File:
Description: Eric Draitser of jinterviewed by James Corbett of the Corbett Report. discusses Putin’s re-election as Russian President last month and what this means on the global stage We talk about the threat that Putin poses to the Western power bloc’s imperial ambitions, the destabilization campaign in Russia and its ties to Western NGOs, Russia-Sino relations, and the latest developments in Syria.

Title:AUDIO Ciaron O'Reilly interviewed on the Persecution of Julian Assange
Date:Tue, 26 Jun 2012 12:06:12 +0100
Download File:
Description:J26 AUDIO ABC RADIO Brisbane Steve Austin interviews Ciaron O'Reilly on the Persecution of Julian Assange

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