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Location:London, UK
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Description: Loose Films produce surfing films featuring the top professional surfers on the World Tour. Interviews, behind-the-scenes and lots of laughs, all set to awesome soundtracks!
Tags: surf surfing surfer films loosefilms loose kelly slater clay marzo billabong rip curl quiksilver hurley oneill mick fanning


Title:Kolohe Andino & Luke Davis
Date:Sun, 14 Aug 2011 20:58:00 -0000
Download File:
Description:What boards are Kolohe and Luke riding?

Title:Daniel Ross
Date:Mon, 08 Aug 2011 08:32:00 -0000
Download File:
Description:That 2007 Sunset final, healthy eating and training the women's team!

Title:Jayce Robinson
Date:Thu, 04 Aug 2011 20:47:00 -0000
Download File:
Description:Quick interview with Brit pro surfer Jayce Robinson

Title:Adriano da Souza
Date:Sat, 30 Jul 2011 16:52:00 -0000
Download File:
Description:Top Brazilian Pro Surfer on his bid to win the World Title

Title:Roy Powers
Date:Thu, 21 Jul 2011 09:22:00 -0000
Download File:
Description:Hawaiian pro surfing sensation Roy Powers!

Title:Andy Irons - RIP
Date:Sat, 30 Oct 2010 10:12:58 -0000
Download File:
Description:His last interview, 2 weeks before his sad passing.

Title:Sunny Garcia
Date:Mon, 19 Apr 2010 22:16:50 -0000
Download File:
Description:Exclusive Sunny Garcia interview from Scotland!

Title:Clay Marzo
Date:Thu, 25 Mar 2010 16:03:21 -0000
Download File:
Description:Clay Marzo ripping in Lanzarote!

Title:Mick Fanning and Parko
Date:Tue, 28 Apr 2009 21:27:56 -0000
Download File:
Description:Loose Films catch a freesurf with Mick Fanning and Parko at Log Cabins

Title:Leonardo Neves
Date:Mon, 12 Apr 2010 18:27:50 -0000
Download File:
Description:Brazilian pro surfer Leonardo Neves on the World Tour!

Title:Abdel el Harim
Date:Mon, 05 Apr 2010 14:22:04 -0000
Download File:
Description:Abdel talks religion and surf camps!

Title:Bernardo Miranda
Date:Sat, 27 Mar 2010 12:42:55 -0000
Download File:
Description:Brazilian Surfer Bernardo Miranda in lanzarote!

Title:Steamer Lane
Date:Sat, 13 Mar 2010 14:16:44 -0000
Download File:
Description:BIG Steamer Lane and a brief chat with Darryl "Flea" Virostko.

Title:Heath Joske
Date:Sun, 03 May 2009 15:05:37 -0000
Download File:
Description:Morning session with Heath at Carcavelos

Title:Mark Harris
Date:Mon, 23 Mar 2009 20:05:44 -0000
Download File:
Description:Top British surfer Mark Harris, surfing in Newquay and talking through his fish.

Title:Drew Courtney
Date:Sat, 30 Jan 2010 01:09:22 -0000
Download File:
Description:Loose Films catch up with WCT Pro Surfer Drew Courtney in Lanzarote, where he goes on to win the event in awesome waves at La Santa!

Title:Patrick Gudauskas
Date:Wed, 20 Jan 2010 00:04:51 -0000
Download File:
Description:Pat Gudauskas is from San Clemente, California and has just qualified for the WCT pro surfing tour.

Title:Omer Bar
Date:Fri, 08 Jan 2010 14:54:21 -0000
Download File:
Description:Israeli WQS Pro surfer Omer Bar in lanzarote

Title:Yadin Nicol
Date:Thu, 30 Apr 2009 00:05:38 -0000
Download File:
Description:Interview with Yadin in Newquay, England

Title:Rhys Bombaci - Video Blog 2
Date:Sat, 31 Oct 2009 16:20:58 -0000
Download File:
Description:The latest update from the World of Rhys - Maldives, Kirk Flintoff's Retirement Party, Hot Chicks, South Africa, nudity, swearing and free surfing back home... the whole lot, courtesy of Loose Films and Rhys and friends on cam!

Title:Mexico - Nick & Rowan
Date:Tue, 13 Oct 2009 22:16:51 -0000
Download File:
Description:Nick White and Rowan Aish score some epic waves near Tecoman, Mexico.

Title:Clint Kimmins
Date:Wed, 22 Apr 2009 17:51:37 -0000
Download File:
Description:Aussie QS surfer, Clint Kimmins surfing in Portugal.

Title:Jay Thompson
Date:Wed, 22 Apr 2009 21:39:11 -0000
Download File:
Description:Profile on WCT surfer "Bottle" Thompson

Title:Dion Atkinson
Date:Wed, 22 Apr 2009 18:31:06 -0000
Download File:
Description:Talking about his home break, this profile is an insight into a guy who's making a strong WCT campaign.

Title:Tiago Pires
Date:Wed, 29 Apr 2009 22:35:00 -0000
Download File:
Description:Awesome surfing from WCT surfer Tiago Pires, filmed in Hawaii and at home.

Title:World of Rhys!
Date:Mon, 06 Jul 2009 20:42:55 -0000
Download File:
Description:1st Installment of Rhys Bombaci's hilarious new travel podcast, video diary thing.

Title:Rowan's equipment!
Date:Tue, 23 Jun 2009 18:21:31 -0000
Download File:
Description:Rowan Aish stopped over in London and talks us through his boards, tail pads and leashes!

Title:Nick White
Date:Sat, 23 May 2009 16:08:49 -0000
Download File:
Description:Profile on New Zealand WQS Surfer Nick White

Title:Jack's Best Friends!
Date:Wed, 13 May 2009 00:26:36 -0000
Download File:
Description:Loose Films go surfing with Rhys, Jay, Mark and Jack!

Title:Rowan Aish & Nick White
Date:Sat, 09 May 2009 12:06:45 -0000
Download File:
Description:Rowan & Nick drink beers in London pub!

Title:Portugal Surf Check
Date:Tue, 05 May 2009 23:33:58 -0000
Download File:
Description:Hilarious trip with Rhys Bombaci, Jack Perry, Jay Davies and Mark Mathews!

Title:Andy Irons - RIP
Date:Sat, 30 Oct 2010 10:12:58 -0000
Download File:
Description:His last interview, 2 weeks before his sad passing.

Title:Travis Logie
Date:Wed, 29 Apr 2009 23:30:49 -0000
Download File:
Description:Profile on South Aftican WCT pro surfer, Travis Logie

Title:Greg Emslie
Date:Wed, 22 Apr 2009 21:15:45 -0000
Download File:
Description:Solid surfing from Bigfoot himself - South Africa's Greg Emslie

Title:Mike Losness
Date:Wed, 29 Apr 2009 10:35:43 -0000
Download File:
Description:Profile on Mike Losness from San Clemente, CA

Title:Marlon Lipke
Date:Wed, 29 Apr 2009 09:45:18 -0000
Download File:
Description:Profile and interview as Marlon inches closer to making the WCT in late 2008

Title:Travis Mellem
Date:Wed, 29 Apr 2009 23:49:40 -0000
Download File:
Description:Talking travel and upcoming WQS plans with Travis.

Title:Shaun Burrell
Date:Wed, 29 Apr 2009 21:32:50 -0000
Download File:
Description:Loose talk to Shaun over a chilled beer!

Title:Jean da Silva
Date:Wed, 22 Apr 2009 22:20:07 -0000
Download File:
Description:Profile and interview on the Brazilian wonderkid!

Title:Lee Bartlett
Date:Tue, 28 Apr 2009 21:48:09 -0000
Download File:
Description:Quick chat with Lee after a sunset session in Newquay

Title:North Shore, Hawaii
Date:Wed, 29 Apr 2009 21:11:54 -0000
Download File:
Description:Winter season on the North Shore - Mick Campbell, massive Alligator Rocks and freesurfing across Oahu

Title:Gavin Gillette
Date:Wed, 22 Apr 2009 20:51:53 -0000
Download File:
Description:Profile, interview a couple of airs!

Title:Eneko Acero
Date:Wed, 22 Apr 2009 19:41:25 -0000
Download File:
Description:Brilliant profile and nice waves here for the Basque Country's Eneko Acero

Title:Newquay Boardmasters
Date:Wed, 29 Apr 2009 11:20:06 -0000
Download File:
Description:Loose Films take a trip to Newquay!

Title:Gabe Kling
Date:Wed, 22 Apr 2009 20:17:15 -0000
Download File:
Description:Floridian WCT surfer Gabe Kling

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